How to find web hosting,find web hosting,right web host

This page discusses - How to find web hosting,find web hosting,right web host

Finding the Right Web Host

For the success of online business its very important to host your site on right web hosting servers and without paying very high fees. In this article I will provide some tips to find the right web host for your web site.

The best way to find the reliable right host for your web site is to ask with any of your friend who is already running the web site. In this case you can use their experience and find the best host your best site.

Another place where you can find the right web host is the discussion boards present on the web. In fact discussion board posting will help you in finding the right host for you. You can also look for hosting directory, simply search for hosting directory in google and you will get many web sites. From the web hosting directory you will find may host, but now the real work starts. You next step is the select the best hosting plan for your web site.

Here are the important point you should consider in the selection of the web host:

Price: Price is single very important factor in choosing the web host. Everyone wants good host with less expenses. So, its the business requirement weather you go for free host (for personal site) or paid host ( in case of hosting e-comm websites). Even in the paid there are many options, you can select cheap host or go for dedicated server for hosting your e-comm web sites.

Technical Support: This is very critical factor in the web hosting. Consider that you have hosted your web site on a hosting server, where they provide only 7 hours support. If something goes wrong in the non-support hours then your are all gone and your business suffers. So, its very important that you choose a host, which provides 24x365 support.

Customer Service: You should choose a hosting company providing professional and prompt customer service. You can test it yourself by calling them or e-mailing them.

Storage Capacity: You should calculate your web space requirement and accordingly select the hosting plan.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred per month from your web server. So, select the plan providing high Bandwidth (5GB or more ).

FTP: All most all the paid web hosting companies provides the FTP support. In some case they also provides the Telnet Access. So, in most of the cases you will get the FTP support with your hosting plan.

Platforms: UNIX / NT. UNIX is the most popular platform in use today on web servers and its very reliable. It supports Perl, CGI and PHP, which is sufficient for any type of web application. Your selected hosting plan should include PHP, CGI and PHP support.

e-Commerce: If your web site is e-Comm web site then you try to find the plan which provides high Bandwidth and Perl, CGI and PHP support. You plan should also include the shopping cart and the SSL payment gateways You selected hosting plan should provide support for Real Audio, Real Video, VRML, Java and Shockwave.

Email Support: Select a hosting plan which provides sufficient number of email accounts for your business. Most of the web hosting companies provides web based email access facility. Your hosting plan should include POP and SMTP supports.

FrontPage Extensions: If your are developing your web site using Microsoft FrontPage editor, then you should select a hosting plan providing FrontPage support.


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How to find web hosting,find web hosting,right web host

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Discuss: How to find web hosting,find web hosting,right web host  

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