Virtual Hosting

The virtual web hosting usually abbreviated as vhost, simply refers to a process with which one can host multiple web sites on one machine under a single I.P. address.

In case of Virtual Web hosting same computer (server) is used to host multiple websites. All the websites shares the resources of the same server. So, it is much economical to run the Virtual Web hosting server for the clients.

This article is introducing you about the Virtual Web hosting. There are many reasons companies are providing Virtual Web Hosting and the business are using this service. The main reason of Virtual Web hosting is cost of the hosting service. Virtual web hosting is costing less so people around the world is preferring the Virtual Web hosting for hosting there websites.

A Dedicated web hosting service will cost of many hundreds of dollars while a Virtual Web Hosting will cost you few dollars a month. But on Virtual Web hosting server you can just host the small websites. On the dedicated servers you can run high traffic website and also run corporate applications.

The virtual web hosting usually abbreviated as vhost, simply refers to a process with which one can host multiple web sites on one machine under a single I.P. (Internet Protocol) address.

Virtual hosting is provided by almost all web hosting companies that involve dividing the server into a number of virtual servers each acting like separate unit. In Virtual hosting web sites, the host has to share server resources with all other web sites on the server. The resources include hard-disk space, bandwidth, the processing power etc. This makes virtual hosting much cheaper than dedicated hosting. Usually virtual hosting facilities includes powerful control panels through which one can manage and administer the web sites such as creating email accounts, databases etc.

Virtual web hosting is one of the most popular hosting options available at the moment because it offers most cost effective options on the market. Virtual hosting also known as shared web hosting, virtual hosting allows a website owner to have a site hosted on a web server that is shared with other websites. Virtual web hosting is a cheaper hosting option because users don’t have to pay high amount as compared to dedicated servers users.

Virtual hosting usually focuses on smaller businesses, individuals, and those who don’t have much experience with network issues. The service pack of Virtual hosting includes help setting up a domain name, technical support, e-mail addresses, installation of server software, database assistance and even basic design services. These embedded facilities makes Virtual hosting popular through out the world among users.

Features of Virtual Web Hosting:

  • Less cost
  • No technical details is required by client
  • Server management is handled by the hosting provider
  • Supports major software and database
  • MySQL Support
  • Support for PHP

Virtual web hosting servers are ideal for hosting small websites as it costs less and affordable.

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Virtual Hosting

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