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Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting - Truth


These days many web Hosting companies claims to provide unlimited bandwidth hosting plans. In this article I will try to explain the truth of the Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer to and from your web server. For example if some one visits your site, the html pages is served from the server. Let's assume that the page size was 50KB, now each time a user visits the same page of your web site, evdry time 50KB of data is transferred from your server.  If 1000 users visits the same page then the data transferred from your sums up to 50000KB. So, the data transferred from your server is directly proportional to the number of pages views. If your server is getting thousands of hits then its becomes very important to take the hosting plan providing maximum bandwidth.

Truth about Unlimited Bandwidth
The truth is that no hosting companies can provide the Unlimited Bandwidth. If anyone provides than the large sites Yahoo can signup with them to save tens of thousands of dollars. But Yahoo or big sites are not doing so, as there no site which can provide unlimited bandwidth. If any company does claim to offer completely unlimited bandwidth, that company is either misleading customers, grossly inexperienced, or both.

In fact most of the web hosting companies are providing unlimited bandwidth which like this:

  • Those companies will not put any artificial limits on the data transfer from the hosting account.
  • But if the hosting account starts using huge amount of  bandwidth making the network unstable, companies will make some other arrangements on extra charges.

Statistically speaking, a T1 Internet connection equals approximately 500GB per month and costs around $1200 per month. So how can it be possible to get the same or unlimited for $30 a month?

So, before choosing any Unlimited Bandwidth plan just make sure to read the terms and conditions of the hosting plan. Try to find your requirements are covered under terms of the hosting plan. Other wise hosting companies will terminate your account and this way you will loose your business.

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$1200 a month gets you more like 100Mbps in a datacenter. We have multiple 1Gbps connections, which drives our costs down even more. Who can host anything on a T1???

Posted by Nick on Tuesday, 11.25.08 @ 15:48pm | #82024

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