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Web Hosting Bandwidth/Space/Transfer

Bandwidth and data transfer are vital terminology used in web hosting. But these two words though sound same but signify different meanings.

This article is discussing about the web hosting space, bandwidth and the data transfer. You will learn how to calculate the bandwidth requirements of your server.

These days hosting companies are providing lots of space for hosting your website and also giving sufficient bandwidth. You should understand all these things.

Bandwidth and data transfer are vital terminology used in web hosting. But these two words though sound same but signify different meanings.


The bandwidth refers to the rate of data transfer while data transfer indicate amount of data transferred. Given transmission path or medium. If a given web host has higher bandwidth, the website will load faster because it can transfer more data per second.

Data transfer

Data transfer refers to amount of traffic generated and transported from one location to another. From web hosting perspective, the data transfer refers to amount of data that is transferred to and from your website either by you uploading files, your visitors viewing and downloading files, and emails transported from the server to your computer. Data transfer is measured in bytes (B), kilo bytes (1 thousand bytes or KB), mega bytes (1 million bytes or MB) giga bytes (1 billion bytes or GB) or tera bytes (1 trillion bytes or TB).


The Bandwidth  is the amount of data transferred from the server. It is the sum of incoming and outgoing data from the server. Web Hosting companies that advertise Unlimited Bandwidth is providing false information. The propaganda of Unlimited Bandwidth used by web hosting companies are merely to attract customers. It is nothing more than a marketing technique to project company and their facilities. It is impossible for any web hosting company to provide Unlimited Bandwidth or unlimited space because these companies themselves have limited bandwidth and hard disk space.

The video hosting server required high Bandwidth. While simple website with just html pages and images need very less Bandwidth.

Based on the requirement of your website you can calculate the Bandwidth  requirement of your website. For simple website with simple html pages and image very less Bandwidth  is required. So, if your website contains simple html pages and images then you should select any Virtual Web hosting server with 5 GB's of bandwidth for hosting your website.



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