Spring Integration 3.0 Release is released and available for download

The latest version of Spring Integration 3.0 Release is available for download from its official website. You can also use the maven tool for using the library in your project.



Spring Integration 3.0 Release is released and available for download - It supports Enterprise Integration Patterns

The Spring Integration project supports the well known Enterprise Integration Patterns, which helps the developers to make the application which talks to the external system through adapters.

This version of Spring Integration 3.0 Release contains many bug fixes, defects fixing, improvements and refactoring.

Bug fixes

  • In this release Bad Link error is fixed in the Twitter Chapter
  • The bug related to the  XML configuration for DB backed channel is invalid is fixed
  •  Race Condition in MessagingTemplate.TemporaryReplyChannel bug is fixed
  • The bug related to the FileTailingMessageProducer for Spring 3.1.x compatibility is fixed


The defects related to the RedisQueueMessageDrivenEnpoint logs stacktrace on shutdown and  TcpNioServerConnectionFactory is fixex


The improvements made to this version are:

  •  The improvements are for the  DefaultHttpHeaderMapper and "Connection" header.
  • Documentation enhancement are done in this version which includes index of gateways and adapters
  • The improvements are done in Tail Adapter (Don't Force Apache if end=false)
  •  Expose load balancer as a 'ref' on channel which is another improvement
  •  The code was updated to make GlobalMethodMetadata public in this version of the software release

Refactoring are also done which includes removal of deprecated API from previous versions

Maven dependency

If you are using the Maven tool for your project you can use the following dependency code:


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