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Simple Web Application using Servlet


In this section, we have developed a simple web application in Servlet . In this application user can add, update and delete all the user information. We run this application on Apache Tomcat Server. To Download the latest version of  Server click on the link http://www.roseindia.net/struts/struts2/struts-2-download.shtml. Download the code and Run the application on browser with the  url. http://localhost:8080/servlet/index.jsp

Brief description of the flow of the application: 

1) This application having a link "Add New User" to add new User in the database.
2) In this application having two button's  "Edit" and "Delete".
 "Edit" : This button updates the user Information and 
 "Delete": This button Deletes the user information.
Step 1: Create a Home Page ("home.jsp") to view all the user.

Step:2 Create a web page ("addUser.jsp")  to add the new user.

Step:3 Create a web page ("edit.jsp")  to edit  the user.


Download the full source code



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