Index Out of Bound Exception

Index Out of Bound Exception are the Unchecked Exception that occurs at run-time errors. This arises because of invalid parameter passed to a method in a code.

Index Out of Bound Exception


Index Out of Bound Exception  are the Unchecked Exception that occurs at run-time errors. This arises because of  invalid parameter passed to a method in a code. The java Compiler does not check the error during the compilation of a program. Index Out of Bound Exception Occurs  when a programmer try to access an element of beyond the storage capacity of the index. 

Index Out of Bound Exception are further classified into two types-

1.Array Index Out of Bound Exception-These are the exception arises when a programmer tries to access an element beyond the capacity of  index of the array. This exception are seen at run-time rather than the compile time. This causes the program to crash at run-time.Inorder to overcome this problem, you write the exceptional -handler that process the program. Now place the code in try block that cause exception in program. If exception arises in try block, you pass the control to the specific catch block preceding try block If there is no catch block, the program will terminated.

How to Handle Array Out of Bound Exception

The below example define a class 'Example', that shows  out-of-bounds exception  when you attempt to access an  element of array with an illegal subscript. . To avoid this condition, you can write an exception handler that processes the exception and keeps your program running. Place the code that cause the exception in the try block. If there is an  exception  in the try block, transfer the control to the catch block. If there is no catch block the program will terminate.

  public class Example

  public static void main( String args [] )
   int value;

  int array[] = { 6, 16, 26,36,46,56,66,76 };
  int index = 8;
  value = array[ index ];
  System.out.println("Execution does not reach here if there is a invalid index.");  


   catch( ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException e ) 

   System.out.println( "Valid indexes are 0, 1,2,3, 4,5,6 or 7" );

   System.out.println( "End of program" );



Output on the Command Prompt.


C:\saurabh>java Example
Valid indexes are 0, 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7
End of program

2.String Index Out of Bound Exception- The String Index Out of Bound Exception is a subclass of Index out of Bound Exception. This exception is thrown when  a String  object detects an index  out-of-range index. Usually, An string object occurs out-of-range , when the index is less than zero, or greater than or equal to the length of the string.

How to declare String Index Out of Bound Exception

public String Index Out of Bound Exception()

The above Constructor creates an string Index Out of Bounds Exception with no message associated with it. 

public String Index Out of Bound Exception(int index)

The above  Constructor creates an StringIndexOutOfBoundsException  class with an argument indicates the illegal index associated with it.

Inherited Method

Some of  the Inherited Method

Method  Inherited Method Inherited Form
fillinStackTrace(  ) Throwable   Finalize ( ) Object
get Class  Object  get Localized Message Throwable
get message Throwable  Hashcode  Object
print stack trace ( )  Throwable print stack trace ( ) Throwable
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Index Out of Bound Exception

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