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Example to create Interface in java

The Tutorial wants to describe you a code that helps you in creating a Interface in java.

Example to create Interface in java


The Tutorial wants to describe you a code that helps you in creating a Interface in java. Interface is defined as group of method, that implement a empty body. An example of Radio Tuner, when a listener switch on Radio Tuner, the tuner act  as interface between the electrical wing circuit inside the radio and you. Usually the Java do not support multiple inheritance, Interface in java is used for multiple inheritance.

Understand with Example

The given below code illustrates that interface in java support  multiple inheritance In order to implement interface we implement a keyword implement. The Tutorial  describes how to create and use interface method in your class. The step involved in the program are described below-

1)We have taken an interface check ,that implement a empty method message ( ).

2)Inside the class we create an object of interface check and implement a body  to the method message.

3)The object t call and expose a message ( ) method to the outside world.

4)In case there is an exception in the try block, the subsequent catch block handle the exception.

interface check {
public void message();
public class Interface {
public static void main(String[] args) {
  try {
  check t = new check() {
  public void message() {
  System.out.println("Method defined in the interface");
  catch (Exception ex) {
  System.out.println("" + ex.getMessage());

Output of the program

Method defined in the interface

Download source code



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May 8, 2012
java coding

i have a problem in doing a java code for interface that have button which are need to link with others class.can i have the example?
June 18, 2012

Hi i have confusion in above example is that in java we cant make object or instance of an interface but you created object of interface check ,i think that is not possible.
Mittul Madaan
June 30, 2012
keyword missing

Hello sir, my question is that why have you not mentioned keyword "implements check" after "public class Interface"? Please reply at [email protected]
July 11, 2012

interface check { public void message(); } public class Interface { public static void main(String[] args) { try { check t = new check() { public void message() { System.out.println("Method defined in the interface"); } }; t.message(); } catch (Exception ex) { System.out.println("" + ex.getMessage()); } } } Output of the program Method defined in the interface Download source code Related Tags for Example to create Interface in java: c, interface, method, int, group, define, empty, e, im, ce, in, body, as, m, nt, ace, em, me, pty, defined, s, at, is, ha, mpl, s, s, th, hat, face, fin, ple, pl, o «Previous Index
susila josephine B
August 8, 2012
java all program

use full
August 17, 2012

i won't say about package, i need clear definitions of package..wish u all success.....
pardeep kaur
October 29, 2012
how we use bufferReader in java

ur all programs are excellent and help me alot....
December 30, 2012
creating the interractive interface

dear experts I am a beginner and upcoming programmer, thus I want to know well how to create good interfaces
November 24, 2012
No interface Implementation

Where is the keywork implements in the class implementing the interface?