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Java Applet - Creating First Applet Example



First of all we will know about the applet. An applet is a program written in java programming language and embedded within HTML page. It run on the java enabled web browser such as Netscape navigator or Internet Explorer.

In this example you will see, how to write an applet program. Java source of applet is then compiled into java class file and we specify the name of class in the applet tag of html page. The java enabled browser loads class file of applet and run in its sandbox.

Here is the java code of program :

import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class FirstApplet extends Applet{
  public void paint(Graphics g){
    g.drawString("Welcome in Java Applet.",40,20);

Here is the HTML code of the program:

ALIGN="CENTER" CODE="FirstApplet.class" WIDTH="800" HEIGHT="500"></APPLET>

Try online this example.

Download this example.


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