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java.applet package examples

This section introduces you with the applet and describes the advantages and disadvantages of applet.


java.applet package examples - Applet Tutorials


In this section we are giving tutorials on Applet. Applet is used in Java to write program for running the Java application on web browser. With the help of Applet you can create a Java program and then use the <applet> tag to embedded the applet on the HTML page. When the web page embedded with applet code is download on the browser, the browser runs the Applet in their own JVM. This way programmer can write Java code which can run on the web browser.

Here we have created many articles and example of applet. Here are the tutorials of Applet.

  1. What is Applet
    This section introduces you with the applet and describes the advantages and disadvantages of applet.
  2. Applet versus Application
    This section defines the various differences between the Applets and the Applications.
  3. Understanding Applet Life Cycle
    In this section you will learn about the lifecycle of an applet. You will learn about the different methods of an applet.
  4. HTML for Java Programmers
    • Welcome to the Internet
      Now a days Java has become so stupendous that we can't even think of WWW (World Wide Web) without it. As we all know that WWW is a collection of computing and information resources.

    • What Exactly is HTML?
      Now lets see what exactly is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). It is a type of data file which is transferred to the client machine. The HTML file gets translated and displayed on the screen  if the client is using a Web browser like Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer etc.

    • Java and HTML: The Basics
      Before going any further lets start with the basics of HTML first. In this section we will come to know about all the tags which are required for the applet to be displayed within the browser. 

    • The <APPLET> Tag in Detail
      After understanding a simple Java-enabled Web page lets explore the APPLET tag now.

    • <APPLET> Tag Parameters: The <PARAM> Tag
      These are the parameters passed directly to a Java applet. Parameters are to applets what command-line arguments are to applications. These parameters allow the user to customize the applet's operation. APPLET parameters stored in the PARAM tag actually have little directly to do with HTML. 

    • HTML Document Creation
      We have already come to know about the Java Applets to be embedded within the HTML pages. There are several tags used in HTML however in this section we will provide an  introduction to HTML for Java programmers.

  5. Creating First Applet
    In this section you will create our first applet example and then run in the browser.
  6. Drawing Shapes
    This section shows you how to draw circle and lines in applet.
  7. Drawing Shapes using color
    Applet allows you to play with colors. In this section you will learn how to draw different shapes using colors of your choice.
  8. Event Listeners
    This section shows you how to write applications that responds to the user actions.
  9. Passing Parameters To Applet
    In this example you will learn how to pass parameters from html page to an applet. You can then use these parameters values for further processing or for some business processing.
  10. Opening a URL from an Applet
    From the applet it is possible to open another url (web page). In this example you will learn how to accomplish it.
  11. Opening new browser window from an Applet
    This section shows you how to open new browser window from Applet.
  12. Applet not working error
    This section describes you some of the trouble shooting when your applet is not working in the browser.
  13. Applet Read File Example
    This section shows how to write program to read disc file from an applet.
  14. Applet Write Files Example
    This section shows you how to write to a file from an applet.
  15. Display image in the applet
    In this section you will learn how to display image on you applet.
  16. Play sound in applet
    In this section you will learn how to play sound using your applet.
  17. Applet Servlet example
    In this example you will learn how to communicate to your servlet through applet.
  18. Applet Security - Understanding applet security
    In this section you will learn about security issues with the applet. You will learn about securing the applet.
  19. Java Applet Signing Example
    This section explains you how you can sign your applet for security reasons.
  20. Swing applet Example
    This example shows you how to use swing components with you applet.
  21. Applet Banner
    Here, we will learn about making the banner in java applet. Simply the banner is used to advertising for any institution, shops and any organizations. The advertising can be done by the different - different ways but the main aim is to popular our organization.
  22. Clock Applet
    Here is a sample of running clock provided by the java applet to illustrate how to use the clock in an applet. This program shows the current time. This type of program is used to display the time on browser where your application is running on.
  23. Java - Opening a url in new window from an applet
    This is the example of opening a url from an applet. This program shows that how a url is opened in a new document or browser. When you click the button "google", new browser window will open displaying the specified url, in our case url is
  24. Java - Opening a URL from an Applet
    This is the example of opening a url in same window from an applet. This program shows that how a url is opened in same document or browser window.


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java.applet package examples

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