Welcome to the Internet

In this section you will know about the basic details of internet and html required to execute an applet using web Browsers.

What is HTML File


Now a days Java has become so stupendous that we can't even think of WWW (World Wide Web) without it. As we all know that WWW is a collection of computing and information resources. These resources are connected together in a computer network known as the Internet. This collection which is known as Internet can be used for standard intercommunication and file transfer between computers. Initially Java applets started off with a bang and continue to be the most widespread implementations of the language. However, the invention of World Wide Web by CERN in Switzerland caused a tremendous evolution in the world of Internet. 

He introduced a technology known as hypertext. This technology enables the users to click on highlighted links and automatically jump to that topic. Other than the technologies like
HTTP (the HyperText Transport Protocol), and World Wide Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Sun HotJava, the most which is widely in use is HTML page in which the applet is embedded.

The working of HTML text is as follows.

  1.  The information is passed by both the computers using the TCP/IP protocol. This means that the IP addresses will be assigned to both the computers.
  2. Then using the HTTP protocol both computers will create connections to each other. This protocol processes send and request commands using the pipe created by TCP/IP between the two computers. HTTP will also enable the client to post information to the server.
  3. Both computers must be visible to each other. The magic of World Wide Web begins once this connection is established.

The users who are new to HTML have this misconception that the HTML files are actually programs that run within the browser. However to be more precise an HTML  file is simply a text file containing a number of special codes known as tags. The browsers use these tags to display text, graphics, multimedia and applets on the screen.

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Welcome to the Internet

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