Form Validation With Java Script

In this article you will learn the Validation in JavaScript and your Validation in JavaScript program

Form Validation With Java Script


In this article you will learn the Validation in  JavaScript and  your Validation in JavaScript program.

Java script is used to validate forms, that means checking the proper information are entered to the users in the form fields before submission. It is the most important features in JavaScript . It provide the facilities  if we use the validation in the  Forms then it automatically check the your entered number or text . If the entered number or text is right then we easily give any type of text or numbers. If we entered the wrong or it means not follows the validations then it automatically represent the given messages . We read the messages and we again try the enter number or text.

<FORM name="fm">
Type your first name:
<INPUT type="text" name="first"><br>
<INPUT type="button" name="dis" value="Display" onClick='alert("You say your name is: "'>




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Form Validation With Java Script

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January 27, 2012

howz it
April 20, 2012

Why we use form[0] in documnt.form.(fieldnam).value
May 7, 2012
To validate url using javascript favelets

Sir, I am working in University of pune, We are going to developed a web accessibility evaluation tool, for visually impaired peoples, so I would like to know how we attached java script favelets to our validate url form...let me know waiting
bharat patel
July 19, 2012
gender velidation java script

August 21, 2012
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