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Flex Development in India

Rose India Technologies is a premier Flex Development Company specialising in development of creative, successful, innovative and cost-effective projects for all your needs using Adobe Flex. Rose India has unmatched capabilities in developing free Flex Tutorials that are easy to understand and implement. Apart from this we offer the following services using Flex technology:

  • Consulting, Business Analysis and Specification Development
  • Flash Design
  • Client-side Programming
  • Server-side Programming with the usage of PHP, Java or .NET technologies
  • Flex/Flash Programming


Flex:Flex is an open source framework for developing rich internet applications that are compatible with all operating systems and browsers. Applications developed using Flex SDK are highly expressive and interactive. While Flex Application development requires the free Adobe Flex SDK, the development process can be greatly accelerated using Adobe Flex Builder 3. Flex enables programming-language and server side developers to harness the power of Flash like never before by combining ActionScript and MXML.

Benefits of using Flex:

  • Developing rich internet applications (RIA's) with easy interactivity and visually rich interface.
  • Development of Quick-response applications, which can support complex business logic.
  • Flex applications support diverse modes and are highly customisable to fulfil complex customer needs.
  • Flex-based applications can process huge loads of information without any deterioration in performance, in contrast to DHTML applications that crash routinely if scaled up.
  • By combining ActionScript and MXML, Flex enables a strong development model.

Business benefits from Rose India Flex Solutions:

  • Rose India Flex developers can develop integrated software solutions to make successful and innovative business projects for you. Rose India Flex solutions offers .NET, PHP, Java supported complex solutions for all types of small, mid and large-sized businesses.
  • We can develop web presentations containing information that is visually vivid and animated using different Flex tools.
  • Rose India also offers development of high-quality video and voice chats using Flex technologies.
  • Rose India Flex developers can develop flash technologies for use in stock market related projects as well as online shops. 

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.

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