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Personal GPS Tracking Redefined with These 4 Latest Devices

GPS tracking devices are incredibly becoming smarter, inexpensive, and user optimized for utilizing.

Personal GPS Tracking Redefined with These 4 Latest Devices

GPS tracking devices are incredibly becoming smarter, inexpensive, and user optimized for utilizing them in a variety of situations including security monitoring and tracking outdoor activity. Several stunningly beautiful handy GPS devices silently reached the market while many of us just do not know about them. Here we introduce 4 of them.

  1. Trax
  2. Trax as a highly reliable GPS tracking device has ensured extremely easy to use design. There are two different clips in the Trax package besides one tracker. There is one clip on the collar and the other for clothing. This allows using it for kids and dogs. Similarly, the app offers two set of actions. It allows creating schedules, tracking phones, creating your preferred geofences or fences for proximity. Moreover, you can also set up speed alerts to detect unexpected movement. If you are using a phone camera the AR capable app also shows if there is a tracker nearby.

  3. DeLorme InReach SE
  4. DeLorme inReach SE may sound odd but as a modern GPS tracker, it offers matches performance and capabilities. If you really want something more rigorous than a simple GPS tracker this one is ideal for you. With a small screen and basic buttons for the direction, you can quickly send messages irrespective of your location. It also comes packed with SOS capabilities, tracking for extensive range and a superb high fidelity lithium battery that can last for 100 hours. Actually, it is more professional in its approach than others in this list.

  5. Amber Alert GPS
  6. Why do most people use GPS trackers for? To monitor and keep tracking their near and dear ones, right? Well, to ensure that your kids are safe back home or when coming back from schools you can use this small tracker dongle which is designated more for parents than anybody else. It is not just a tracker but can also offer two-way voice communication and you can activate the same with just a single button. This is actually a safety enabling tracker that parents often need to monitor and know the whereabouts of their loved ones. The only drawback is that the GPS tracker needs a coverage plan requiring to gurgle out $15 per month apart from an activation fee. This excess cost burden apart, the tracker is just fine for safety tracking and is worth suggesting for parents.

  7. PocketFinder
  8. PocketFinder is a really mind blowing tracker that took over the world of personal tracking devices offering something for every need. Whether you need to track pets or people or any other thing including vehicles, it can come to your aid. Moreover, the accompanying smartphone app has been designed real easy to allow smooth interactions by anyone. It can be handled with equal ease by kids, teens, and seniors. The app shows detailed maps of locations with multiple people at different points. If you are a novice in using trackers and making use of them in different situations, this would be the ideal one.


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