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GIS and GPS will craft municipal work well-organized


GPS in its varied application is now becoming popular in every field not only in travel or transport but also in personal safety, child tracking and now in civic work.

Last year Nashik Municipal Corporation announced that it is going to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) in making civic work more efficient. Maharastra state government has decided to arrange all necessary infrastructures in co-operation with Maharastra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC) that will help in the administration of civic bodies. It will come into operation in various cities of the state.

However, the primary effort is to prepare satellite imagery of every cities and for Nashik it is been done by the American Quick Bird Satellite. This satellite gives 0.6 mts resolution which will help in maintaining civil information system.

Here Geographic Information System will help in monitoring civic works like water supply, construction, encroachment, unauthorized development, and various other but after getting approval from defense department.

Maharastra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC) has to first organize the data and after defense approval GPS devices will be utilized for better management of civic work. GPS vehicle tracking devices will be attached in vehicle of Municipal Corporation for improved vehicle schedule management.

It will be useful for many other civic administration purposes with effectual decision making as far as civic administration is concern and also timely services to the people. The important thing is that the project won’t cost much and it is an innovative project by MRSAC. By using GIS, MRSAC is before now working in various project including forest fire monitoring, soil and water conservation and further use in civic department will meet the demand of growing population.


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