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GPS Asset Tracking


GPS asset tracking service is applicable for both personal and business purposes to track assets that are remotely located or areas that are not come under any wireless network. This includes tracking trucks, containers, machinery thereby improving safety and efficiency. Tracking system is now an essential part in transportation, forestry, maritime and industries like mining, oil, gas and several others.

Asset tracking systems are now used widely by both big and small organization for safety purposes. Any organization or institution whose assets whether in vehicle or any other valuable items are spread through out and keeping an eye on each and every object is difficult but by the help of GPS tracking technology one can easily and quickly locate all assets irrespective of their size and location.

The asset tracking system consists of various safety features with GPS tracking equipments and software. Tracking devices offers security to company’s assets by eliminating the possibility of equipment theft. As it offers real-time asset tracking one can able to locate his/her belongings and quickly recover even if it has stolen. Most of companies are using GPS technology for protecting and observing their expensive equipments.

Using GPS asset-tracking systems in various assets requires developing a ‘geo fence’. Geo fence is a predetermined area or a boundary that one sets for a particular object. If any asset crosses that virtual boundary or the geo fence area, then the tracking software can alert you. For example, if someone has stolen your car equipped with tracking device, the GPS software will alert you via SMS or e-mail as soon as the car crosses your predetermined geo fence area. This information enables the user in tracking down the stolen asset.

This 24 hr remote tracking and monitoring solution enables better management of all kinds of assets by providing real-time location and status information for valuable assets. This enables better utilization of asset, efficiency and improves security by minimizing theft.


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