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The GPSMAP- 76 is designed to provide precise GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System.



  1. The GPS Map 76
    The GPSMAP- 76 is designed to provide precise GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System. This unit features a built-in quad helix antenna for superior reception and can provide position accuracy to less than three meters when receiving WAAS corrections. The GPSMAP 76 has an internal memory capacity of eight megabytes. In addition, it comes with a built-in basemap of cities, coastlines, lakes, rivers, interstates, and interstate exit information and a database of nautical navaids. 
  2. Introduction of Custom Garmin GPS Maps
    The following article gives step by step instructions for generating a map which is downloadable to the Garmin series of GPS receivers. Much of this information is available in the help text files that come with the GPSmapper utility used to generate these custom maps. Before I proceed any further, I would like to take the opportunity to give these guys the credit that they are due. Needless to say this is one of the most talked about subjects with respect to the Garmin range of GPS receivers with someone finally managing to "step up to the plate". I initially started looking for a utility to generate custom maps from a desire to map local golf courses that I play regularly and I was getting frustrated that no such function existed with MapSource or sold separately by Garmin. 
  3. The GPS-MAP Handheld Portables
    The GPS handheld is our top avionics product. Little can beat the peace of mind that this great navigation system gives a pilot. Modern handheld GPS units have full databases with easy updating using a plug-in chip or PC. A few of these models not only show you the way to the closest airport, but even compute an approximate approach path from the extended centerline of the runway. In the many years I've been in aviation, I've never seen any one change in avionics that has affected the industry as much as GPS. This technology has opened up a world of accurate navigation to every pilot. Easy VFR navigation can now be a matter of how well the pilot is equipped rather than how well his aircraft is equipped. Every pilot should consider equipping himself with one of these pocket-sized wonders.
  4. GPS Navigator with Garmin GPS Map
    Aimed squarely at boaters and marine users, the Garmin GPSMap 76CSx is packed with features that seasoned mariners crave. The 7.6-ounce 76CSx now features an insanely accurate, high-sensitivity GPS receiver by SiRF that tracks your position even in tree cover and canyons. Plus, you get a bright, sunlight-readable color TFT display and an included a 128 MB microSD card for storage of optional map detail. Add all that to the 76CSx's integrated barometric altimeter and electronic compass, and you've got a highly capable unit. Simply put, the 76CSx is ready to take you anywhere on the water. Landlubbers will find much to like about this unit, too, as it packs great GPS mapping capabilities into a compact device.
  5. GPS Map & 76CSX Portable Headheld GPS
    The GPSMAP 76CSx is a refreshing upgrade of the GPSMAP 76CS, one of our most popular models for outdoor and marine use. This unit features a removable microSD card for detailed mapping memory and a waterproof, rugged housing. The microSD card slot is located inside the waterproof battery compartment. Users can load map data and transfer routes and waypoints through the unit?s fast USB connection. In addition, this unit features a new, highly sensitive GPS receiver that acquires satellites faster and lets users track their location in challenging conditions, such as heavy foliage or deep canyons.
  6. A GPS Map Explorer
    GPS Map Explorer is a simple, but powerful program to use with your Garmin GPS receiver. The main focus is on viewing and analysing track logs in various ways. It puts "life" into your tracks. There are some feature of GPS Map Explorer are follow here:- 
    * View your track, waypoints and routes in a zoom able map-view
    * Use your own scanned maps as background of the map view. (gif/jpg)
    * Download/Upload Tracks, Waypoints and Routes directly from/to most of the Garmin GPS receivers
    * Import/Export GPS-information from/to Map Source, Ozi, Gardown and G7ToWin. Also import filter for NMEA-files, and the new compressed MapSource format gdb.
  7. GPS Topographic Map
    By far, the maps of choice for hiking, backpacking, and the other activities mentioned above are the 7.5 minute topographic map series. In the US, these maps are produced by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), but most countries have their equivalent. The 7.5? topo maps provide excellent detail, including streams, woods, elevation contours, railroads, and just about any other feature that you might need to get you back to camp. Each map covers an area of about 7.5 miles X 6 miles, depending on where you are in the country. In paper form, the US versions cost about $6 each, and they are now available in digital form on CD-ROMs that can be used with your computer.




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