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Fleet tracking service

There are many fleet tracking service available in the market one can choose from. All rely on satellites to generate data.

There are many fleet tracking service available in the market one can choose from. All rely on satellites to generate data.

Though the most recent is GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) which is being used in the ship and trucking business. However, GPS remains the most widely used tracking technology that comes preloaded in almost every vehicle that is being produced. (Tough one can also install it from outside if they don?t have one) Both of these provide accurate position of the vehicle, The use of time, latitude and longitude enables the onlooker to know the exact route to which the fleet is headed, were there any diversions made from the original route, how many and how long the halts were made.

Fleet tracking devices have a receiver that receives the signal emitted by the satellite and the nearby towers. These signals are the radio waves than all the data related to the position is stored in the computer (it is not necessary that the computer should be at the same spot it can be at far of place and still the data will be stored) This data can be seen by the owner and individual in their computers either with the help of some particular software or by some websites that allow them to do so.

Besides, these tracking services also store data related to when the brakes were made, when the speed crossed the limit, the average speed and all similar data. Driver?s profile can be maintained, all the halts can be seen and how long were they made, was their any deviation form the original course. All these data come handy in knowing about their fleet and maintaining their security.

Fleet tracking service acts, as life savior for the drivers as they guide them to choose the correct route, shortest route and helps them to avoid traffic, there is less instances of fleet has losing course.

Use of fleet has made the maintenance of record much easier. From maintaining of vehicles, to the profile of driver, to the items or goods loaded, to every detail about the task all can be maintained easily and can be seen whenever the need be.

Fleet tracking service have become the spine of fleet business as it not only helps the owner but is equally beneficial to the fleet manager and the drivers.



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