Dog gps tracking chip

Now there are GPS technologies available to track your dog. And from the time of its advent, it has been in use it has reunited many dos with their owners.

Yes we are exactly talking about a tracking device or chip (to be precise) for your dog. Dog are said to be humans best friend and the people having them as a pet have always treated them as a part of the family. To move a step further, now there are GPS technologies available to track your dog.

And from the time of its advent, it has been in use it has reunited many dos with their owners.

But before we go any further let?s be clear about one thing, that there is a certain difference in the functionality of GPS tracking system and microchips. GPS being a tracking device is attached mostly on dog?s collar belt. And importantly it gives you active and instant information about the whereabouts of your dog.

While microchips are planted inside the dog skin and they can only give information when a chip scanner is passed above the dog body. These microchips have information about the dog?s identification number and owner?s information. Planting inside the dog skin here does not pose any threat to a dog or cause it pain as they are very small and can be easily injected. Once done so, they cannot be seen through naked eyes and it does not require any additional vaccination. The other misconception about microchip that the scanning may cause cancer to the dogs is completely false. Scanner emits low frequency radio waves that are picked up by tiny antenna on the microchip.

Though there are other disadvantages to the use of microchip like the database will be limited to a locality as universal microchips are not available. And the biggest disadvantage is that your dog must be found first by the dogcatchers or other in order to get scanned.

The dog lovers mostly use GPS tracking device as it gives an edge over the microchip in many respects. Firstly the locality is not limited and your dog can be tracked wherever possible. The second best thing involves the instant information of your dog, owner can be guided to the current position of the dog that has a GPS tracking device attachéd to its collar belt. And no insertion required. However, they are quiet expensive when compared to microchips but still with the ample use it provides it?s reasonable. Though there is one drawback in using GPS too, it requires connectivity, so if a dog is lost in an area having no signal it might complicate things a bit.

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Dog gps tracking chip

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February 19, 2013
Dog GPS Tracking Chip

PLease send us the details on Dog GPS Tracking Chip.
June 22, 2013
Where can we find GPS dog trackers?

Your article is horrendously missing where these trackers can be found.Please update it. Kudos for sharing this information.