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Global Positioning System

Brief History :-The Global positioning System (GPS), formally known as the Navstar Global Positioning System, was first time used by united states to enhance the effectiveness of their allied military forces in 1973.

Global Positioning System


Brief History :-The Global positioning System (GPS), formally known as the Navstar Global Positioning System, was first time used by united states to enhance the effectiveness of their allied military forces in 1973. GPS was designed for dual use purpose. Now days GPS is being very popular as it is emerging as a Global Information Infrastructure for illustrating maps and surveying to international air traffic management and automatic vehicle location (AVL).

Components:- GPS has three separate individual components, which works together to perform the task as a unit. These are:

  1. Space Segment.
  2. Control Segment
  3. User Segment

Space Segment:- Twenty four separate individual satellites situated in their own orbit above 11,000 nautical miles from the earth consists space segment.

Control Segment:-Control segment component is the control station which works to check out the functions of satellite, whether these are properly working or not. There are only five control stations situated in the entire world.

User Segment:- This component is made for the user. User can hold it in it’s hand or it can be mounted in the car. It works as a receiver.

How GPS works:- GPS is used for tracing the exact position any time, any day, in any weather, anywhere on the earth. It is very accurate within 25 feet or less. Though it is said that it can works with accuracy within 150 feet or less.

The tracking satellites of GPS works 24*7*365 means continuous signalling towards the earth, which can be traced anywhere, if there is it’s receiver component is present or it can point out the person who have it’s receiver component part. These satellites are continuously monitored by their control stations situated around the world.

Utility of GPS in Defense:- The Military forces of United States generally used it as a powerful means to get the exact location before beginning the functioning of all the satellites. Now they are using it for all the military operations and weapon systems. They are also using it for getting highly accurate orbit data and controlling spacecraft orientation.

Uses of GPS in daily life:- Now days GPS technology is also being used in daily life besides military forces. There are following areas, in which it is being used:

Fleet Vehicle Management:- Fleet vehicle management system is also known as Automatic vehicle locator (AVL), in which commercial and private trucking companies use it for tracking their cars, trucks, buses and other equipment to check it out whether these are following the appropriate route and condition according to contract signed by the transport owner and the customer.

Emergency Management:- GPS technology is very helpful for Police, Fire Brigade, emergency medical service units as they can find the exact location and can control over the situation before being beyond the limit. Police car, Fire truck or Ambulance can find the shortest route to reach to the destination point.

Consumer Vehicle:- GPS technology is also very helpful for recovery of theft vehicle, in which GPS system is enabled. Police can find it easily due to receiver; the user component part is applied in it.

Wildlife Management:- Scientist uses this technique for the counting of the wild animals especially endangered species like Tiger, Panda Bear, Elephant etc.

Engineering:- Civil engineers used this technique for making tunnels, bridges etc. For example:- Britain and France used this technique for constructing a tunnel connecting both of them.

Like this, there are many more fields in which it’s utilization has been increasing day by day. The future of this technology is unlimited.



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