Asterisk2Billing (A2Billling)

A2Billing is a mighty calling card platform, which can be easily set up with Asterisk to commence a wide set of tools to manage a composite and sophisticated calling card system.

Asterisk2Billing (A2Billling)


A2Billing is a mighty calling card platform, which can be easily set up with Asterisk to commence a wide set of tools to manage a composite and sophisticated calling card system. Using A2Billing with Asterisk for prepaid/postpaid calling card services are extremely easy like making few entries through a web interface. It has a user-friendly Interface & powerful/advanced functionalities, which can be dispensed into three categories: 

IVR, Web management interface & Customer interface 


  • Caller ID & Card Number authentication 

  • Multi language support - force specific language, give a menu for language choices 

  • Customize the IVR rapidly, chose to play Balance, Time to call, Intro prompt etc. 

  • Recording of the call 

  • Speed-dial 

  • Play balance with multi currency support 

  • Free VoIP calls between application users 

  • Support simultaneous or single access on same card 

  • Support call at Zero-Cost & Negative cost 

  • Auto creation card option for new callerID 

  • DID & CID based Call Back 


    • Caller gets informed about his credit 

    • Announce the remaining credit 

    • Caller is requested to enter a destination number 

    • Announce the maximal call time for the given destination number 

    • Calculates the remaining duration of the call (based on tariff rate tables), informs the caller about this and sets a timeout 

    • Interrupt the call if the card balance reaches zero - Warn the caller about the call interrupt X seconds before the call gets interrupted 

    • It connects the Caller to the destination through the configured trunks 

    • After disconnecting the call, the AGI updates the credit and stores the concerning Cal 


  • Advanced Cards/Customer management: Creation; Edit; Search engine; batch update; CallerID handling; Refill Cards; batch creation 

  • Define: post-pay/prepay; Language; Currency; Expiration; VAT; Recurring Service, User Data, etc... 

  • SIP / IAX Friends + ARA support (Asterisk Realtime) 

  • Speed dial 


    • Check the Customers balance: see Refills made, payment received, amount to pay 

    • Browse the PayPal transactions 

    • Vouchers support: creation; browsing; batch creation 

    • Multi-Currencies support: automatic update based currently base on Yahoo Financial 

    • DID monthly billing 


    • LCR & LCD management

    • Billing Increment 

    • Progressive Rate 

    • Scheduled Rates (days/hours of the weeks - PEAK & OFF-PEAK) 

    • Expiry of rates 

    • Import rate card from csv file 

    • Rate-card Simulator 

    • Trunk/voip-provider management 

    • failover trunks 

    • Batch update for rates

  • DID Selling

    • Manage your DIDs and sell them to your customer for monthly usage.

    • Customer can reserve DIDs for themselves and configure a Follow-me to redirect the calls (over PSTN or VOIP calls)


    • Monthly & daily reporting

    • Earnings calculation and markup/margin on report

    • Monthly traffic reports (pie graph)

    • Daily load 

    • Compare call-load with previous days

    • Criteria definition for reporting

    • Export report to PDF & CSV

    • Generate invoices to PDF format


    • Auto refill existing card with auto refill option

    • Periodically remove credit from customer balance


    • Manage campaign

    • Manage phone number list and import tool for phone list


    • E-Product : allows interaction with third party in order to create cards : useful to connect the system to other platform such OS-commerce

    • Signup modules

    • Mail activation

    • Configure mail templates

    • ACL support for admin users

    • DB backup/restore tool 

    • SOAP-Webservice : Create Card, Remove card, Update... See WSDL : A2Billing_UI/api/SOAP/soap-card-server.php?wsdl

    • Export datas into XML or CSV


    • Account info

    • Call history - CDR

    • Voucher usage

    • Invoice Viewing

    • DID selling support - features to sell to pre-configured DID. Customers can redirect DID to his phone-number and even deploy a Follow-Me

    • Speed dial configuration

    • Ratecard browsing & ratecard simulator

    • Web based callback

    •  Light predictive-dialer: Customer Interface (Agent) has the ability to call a predefined amount of Phone numbers. 

    • Web-phone (Applet Java - IAX WebPhone)

    • Caller id: list / add

    • Multi-Language support for the customer interface (Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Italian, Romanian, Turkish, Urdu)

    • Forget password option


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Asterisk2Billing (A2Billling)

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