Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Here we have discussed 10 app marketing strategies to make your app gain in search results and more users.

10 Mobile App Marketing Strategies You Must Know

Getting your app visible and coming up the search results is the biggest priority for most app marketers. App stores in all platforms including IOS, Android, Windows and other platforms offer millions of apps to the disposal of users. Only a thin slice of these apps actually come in the 1st page results when user gives command for a search of their respective niche. In this boundless sea of apps comprising millions of apps to get visible and quickly discovered is a challenge and without doing that you have little chance to cut across competition and find users. App marketing activities must follow a compact strategy and you should begin exercising that long before your app is ready. In every app marketing strategy there would be pre-launch and post-launch steps.

Benefits of proper marketing of Mobile Applications:

  • Branding of your mobile applications
  • More sales
  • More revenue
  • Large user base
  • Getting large number of users of your application in less time

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Here below we would mention 10 mobile app marketing strategies you cannot dispense with. 

  1. Choosing a great name and icon
    To make your app impress at first site a memorable, striking and unique name is must. While choosing app name make sure it provides a clear idea of your offering. Another important thing is to choose a unique and cool icon that perfectly conveys your specialty.
  2. Selecting important keywords
    Keywords used in the app description helps the Apps Store find your app whenever any search is conducted. Using right keyword for your right keyword would increase your chances in coming up the search results. Keywords are the key component of App Store Optimization (ASO).
  1. Research on competitors and categories
    Research on your competitors or similar apps that enjoy a better visibility is a must if you want to follow success parameters. Analyze keywords, their reviews and how frequently they feature in popular keyword searches. This would help you to further tune your app marketing strategy.
  2. Employ an apps store analytics application
    There are number of app store analytics tool that come handy in giving you an idea of your standing and areas you can improve. These tools are helpful to track your app and that of competitors in the search ranks.
  3. Get your app reviewed by top sites
    Number of downloads for your app increases all of a sudden after your app is reviewed by top app review sites and media outlets. Pitch your app to these influential sites and outlets. Offer them something that might be lucrative, a free app purchase code, a reciprocal review of their products, a favorable link sharing or anything that give them a push.
  4. Focus on in-app social sharing
    Sharing in-app contents across the social platforms is one of the most formidable ways to reach people and influence them. Post screen shots of your app, make regular interesting posts with visual, rich media, review links, app free trial links, etc.
  5. Promote your app through a web landing page and on-site SEO
    Many top apps with great success have their own website and it hits web search ranks frequently with search optimized blogs in the respective niche. Promote your site with a dedicated web landing page and further add firepower with on-site SEO. More visibility on web search page would transfer into more views on app store.
  6. Go all out with paid promotion
    Paid promotion is an effective way to make your app feature across influential media, social platforms and prominent places. Advertising your app on channels, outdoor advertising, press releases, etc. can be effective if you can afford them. Another way you can take better leverage at much lower cost is by paid ads on social pages.
  7. Make use of Mobile App Tracking tool
    Mobile App Tracking tool makes it easier to know how many downloads you have achieved with your respective advertisement campaign. This helps you to know whether your money is getting results for you or if there is any necessity to change your marketing strategy.
  8. Engage users increasingly for rating your app
    Rating provided by the users shown on the search result is one of the foremost important factors for an app to get in top charts in any search category. Encourage and engage your users in every possible way to get more ratings.

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Mobile App Marketing Strategies

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