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Mobile device is a handheld computing device with a screen and availability of either touch screen or keyboard input or both. According to the functional output and user interface for variant purposes mobile devices can be different types including mobile phones in variety of avatars including the latest range of Smartphone devices, computing tablets, personal digital assistants or PDAs.

Mobile devices can serve variety of functions, from simple telephony or massaging to internet connectivity, email, virtual network, video calling and wide range of personal applications like playing video or computer games, watching movies, listening music, writing applications, multimedia animation applications, all sorts of computing applications and applications related to personal management and organization, etc.

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Generally like any computer a mobile device is also run on an operating system software on which all other applications or application software perform. The functional sophistication and standard from one device to one another may largely vary mainly on account of the capacity of the device in running multiple applications. Other important determinants in regard to the standard, performance and sophistication of the device include hardware capacity of the device, fineness of display and input, memory, compatibility with different running environment, graphics quality, customer support, price and finally availability. Some of the World?s largest computing manufacturers and tech giants are now considered as trendsetter in the market of mobile devices and thanks to the huge popularity and widespread growth in the use of mobile devices in every sphere of life mobile devices now constitute the hottest category of tech products across the world market.

With onset of smart phones and tablet and their fusion products the whole category of mobile devices has been revolutionized in an unprecedented way as now from television to internet to complex computing work to all kinds of networking or professional activities can be performed and accessed through these devices.

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Mobile Devices

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