5 Common Reasons Your Mobile App Gets Uninstalled

Here we will discuss on 5 common reasons your mobile app gets uninstalled.

Learn the 5 Common Reasons why Your Mobile App Gets Uninstalled?

Millions of mobile apps compete for better visibility, higher app store search ranks and volume of user downloads. While some factors like unique and useful concept, great design and look, rich feature set, great marketing maneuvers, etc. are important to find favor in play store and among users, they can be dropped from the user’s device if they just do not perform up to the expectations.  A whopping 26% of all apps are uninstalled just following a single use. This makes the situation even more complicated and depreciating from the marketing point of view. This user dissatisfaction at first instance is actually a negative impression that also spread by words of mouth or through sharing across social platforms. Here we introduce 5 common reasons your mobile app gets uninstalled.

1. Forceful login in social pages

Too many apps are shown the door because of this. Often login with your social ID is considered rather a useful feature as this saves enough time for accessing the app. Developers and users often view this as a better alternative to a lengthy registration process. Actually social login is a double edged sword, both useful for a faster access and a threat to your social data security. There are many apps that actually try to get access to the social login information through this process.

2. Data security concerns

Concerns over apps getting unwanted access to user’s sensitive information or device data is one of the primary concern that make so many apps get uninstalled soon after they are downloaded. Obviously when a camera or image storage app tries to get access to your phonebook or mailing list, you begin to feel threatened.

3. Depressing user interface

Bad user interface is another big reason that creates a negative impression and prompts many users uninstalling the app. Prominent font size, better readability, color, good design, clear navigation and easy access to all areas of the app, are some of the factors that make a good interface. Good user interface and user experience is the gold standard for any successful app across the diverse niches and you just cannot relax on that part.

4. App taking too much time to load

So many apps just offer a frustrating experience when they too much time to load or freezes all of a sudden, take too much time to navigate between pages and crashes too often. All these happening too often and frequently go on ripening the frustration that ultimately lead to a uninstalling the app. User cannot keep on trying when the app barring them from smooth access or use.

5. Registration process taking too long

There are thousands of apps that offer a lengthy and complicated registration process prior to the first user experience. A majority of these apps fail to get any favor from the user and straightforwardly get uninstalled. It is a great example of the proverbial truth ‘first impression is the last impression’ which here makes a negative impact. With a boring and lengthy registration you actually pushed user to drop your app from their device.

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5 Common Reasons Your Mobile App Gets Uninstalled

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