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Page directive attributes

A directive is a way to give special instructions to the container at page translation time.

Page directive attributes


A directive is a way to give special instructions to the container at page translation time. The directive comes in three forms:

The page directive is written on the top of the jsp page. Some of the attributes of the page directive are given below:

autoFlush : It empty the buffer.
buffer: It sets the buffer size. By default the buffer size is 8kb. 
contentType : It tells which 
errorPage: It tells which page will handle the exception if arises. 
import: In this we tells the container which package of file needs to be imported.
info: If we have to send some information with the jsp page. 
language: By default it is java.
session: In this we tells the container if we want the session or not. By default it is true. 

The other directives are :The include directive and the taglib directive 

The code of the program is given below:

<%@ page autoFlush="true"
         info="Jsp page directive attributes Example"
  <HEAD><TITLE>Page directive attributes Example</TITLE></HEAD>
   <FONT SIZE="5" COLOR="#660000">These all are Jsp Page directive attributes.</FONT> 

Output of the Program:

Download this example.


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