JDK 8 Release Candidates Available

These latest version of JDK 8 Release Candidates Available and you can download and test the features on your computer. In this release candidate new Atomic Numbers and Stripped Implementations Dropped.

JDK 8 Release Candidates Available

Java 8 includes new features such as Lamdas and new Date and Time API. New atomic number implementation is also added which is also very important feature of Java 8.

This is the first release candidates of Java 8, b128 and Java 8 RC2 in the month of February 2014. This release includes the fixing of a flaw in the new Comparator API. The new thenComparing() method of the Java 8 API had an unnecessary type restriction.

Here is the details of the bug from the Bug Report:

The following method of java.util.Comparator requires that type U extend java.lang.Comparable.

<U extends Comparable<? super U>> Comparator<T> thenComparing(
Function<? super T, ? extends U> keyExtractor,
Comparator<? super U> keyComparator);

But this restriction is unnecessary because keyComparator is used to compare extracted key objects.

The Java 8 RC2 release also includes a read permission issue fix for the on Mac OS X platform.

New Atomic Number Implementations

The new atomic number implementation is also a very important feature of Java 8. The atomic number implementations are quite faster and very important for multhreaded applicaions. The atomic Number implementations provides high performance to AtomicInteger and AtomicLong in the multithreaded environment.

The Stripped Implementations Dropped

The Stripped Implementations Dropped in this release candidate of the Java 8. This is done due to the requirement of some nontrivial changes to the TCK license.

You can download JDK 8 developer preview release from https://jdk8.java.net/download.html.

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JDK 8 Release Candidates Available

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