Java 8: Java 8 is officially released and it can be downloaded

Finally after a long wait Java 8 is released officially at oracle website. You download the latest version of the JDK and starting developing your applications.

Java 8 officially released

Java 8 is finally available for download - Download the latest Java 8 SDK and start developing next generation applications for your client. Java 8 comes with many new features including Lambda expression, Java FX enhancements and many other features

In a bid to acquaint the programmer with the latest version, now Java 8 is released. Certainly there will be massive changes in the world of Java as the lasts version of JDK (Java Development Kit) 8 is equipped with all the sophisticated and latest features including lambda expressions and also representing a shift in how developers approach with the languages. After the launching of Java 8 officially at last, it will witness significant changes in the world of Java and programming.

According to Java Platform Standard Edition and Specification, JDK 8 is sufficient and equipped with various important features including Project Lambda Support. The facility is enough to allow for the successfully functioning and programming capabilities.

You can download the latest version Java 8 from Oracle website.

Java 8 released

One of the significant features with the latest launched JDK 8, it is a huge shift in which you can code as it provide the mechanism of tool for managing binaries. Apart from this, JDK 8's lambdas and method references clearly indicates that the API moves to a functional paradigm. Needless to say, the features of the newly launched JDK 8 are different from the obsolete imperative paradigm Java which was in use so far. Now you have complete liberty to work with functional languages and it will decompose the problem to different fictional values and pass values.

There are a lot of unique features present in JDK 8's lambda capabilities and there is no doubt that it has equipped with a big change, and they should be seen as a benefit to parallel programming. Another important feature with this is that the change in syntax related to lambda expressions can be the great new thing in the language and contain with the most impact in the future.

The role of lambda is very crucial and that is the reason as it has been prepared and designed to improve the ability of the language to accommodate modern architectures in terms of increasing parallelization in software.

However the launching was expected very early and it was planned to arrive the last September. The delay in the launching was only due to add many more features with JDK 8 and main focus on improving the security of the device. The implementation features are also important features for the update version and thus the new edition has been added many important features like Java Library, application code and chopping block have been added.

According to a latest survey, it has been find out that 29 percent plan to upgrade to version 8 within six months, and another 25 percent plan to make the move within 12 months. But 32 percent had yet to evaluate the new release.

Thus it can be conclude that the latest released JDK8 which has been arrived officially will fulfill the expectation of the new need and demand of the programmer.

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