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Java bigdecimal setScale method example


In this example, bigdecimal class setScale method working is demonstrated. Method return type is a bigdecimal value therefore it generates only bigdecimal object values. The returned bigdecimal  object value is numerically equal to the object value in which the method is invoked. Scale of the result will be as specified in the method parentheses. In short the returned value is numerically equivalent to this.object value. 

While running the programsor any where if answer will come in scientific forms. Then here is the explanation.

for examle 5E + 2 means 5 * Ten to the power + 2
-55E - 6 means -55 * Ten to the power minus 6

Method throws NumberFormatException if it finds value other than integer and double. Method also throws ArithmeticException if the scale defined requires rounding. 

Syntax for using the method : public BigDecimal setScale(int newScale,
int roundingMode)

BigDecimal objects with names x & y;

System.out.print(x.setScale(int newScale, int roundingMode));
y = x.setScale(int newScale, int roundingMode);


import java.math.BigDecimal;

public class Java_bigdecimal_setScale_example {
  public static void main(String args[]) {

    BigDecimal neo = new BigDecimal(88),
    result = new BigDecimal(0);

    result = neo.setScale(2, BigDecimal.ROUND_UP);

    System.out.println("\nneo object value : "
        + neo);
    System.out.println("method generated result " +
        ": " + result);

    neo = new BigDecimal(452);

    result = neo.setScale(4, BigDecimal.ROUND_DOWN);

    System.out.println("\nneo object value : "
        + neo);
    System.out.println("method generated result : " +
        "" + result);

    neo = new BigDecimal(183);

    result = neo.setScale(0, BigDecimal.ROUND_FLOOR);

    System.out.println("\nneo object value : " 
        + neo);
    System.out.println("method generated result :" +
        " " + result);


Download the code


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