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Java bigdecimal plus example


Example below demonstrates working of bigdecimal class plus method. Method always returns a bigdecimal value of positive nature. In short method return type is plus of this.object or simply +this.object.

Scale of the result id this.scale. Method throws NumberFormatException if it finds value other than integer or double and throws ArithmeticException if the rounding mode is UNNECESSARY. 

Syntax for using the method : public BigDecimal plus()
BigDecimal objects with names x & y;
y = x.plus();



import java.math.BigDecimal;

public class Java_bigdecimal_plus {
  public static void main(String args[]) {

    int i = 1;
    double d = -3.14;

    BigDecimal news = new BigDecimal(i),
    track = new BigDecimal(d);

    System.out.println("news object value : " + news);
    System.out.println("method generated result : "
        + news.plus().floatValue());

    System.out.println("\ntrack object value : " + track);
    System.out.println("method generated result : "
        + track.plus().floatValue());


Download the code


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