Where is Java being Used?

Earlier, it was only used to design and program small computing devices but later adopted as one of the platform independent programming language.

Where is Java being Used?


The programming language Java was developed by Sun Microsystems in the year 1995. Earlier, it was only used to design and program small computing devices but later adopted as one of the platform independent programming language. The most important feature of Java is its byte code that can be interpreted on any platform including windows, Linux etc. One can also download it freely from the official website of Sun. 

As we have mentioned above that java-programming language was only developed for the small devices but now it can be found in a variety of devices like cell phones, e-commerce application, PCs and almost all network or computing devices. 

Java is available in different form:
JSP? Like PHP and ASP, Java Server Pages based on a code with normal HTML tags, which helps in creating dynamic web pages. 

Java Applets? This is another type of Java program that used within a web page to add many new features to a web browser. These are small program used in the programming of instant messaging, chat service, solving some complex calculation and for many other purposes. 

J2EE? The software Java 2 Enterprise Edition are used by various companies to transfer data based on XML structured documents between one another. 

JavaBeans? This is something like Visual Basic and a reusable software component that can be easily assemble to create some new and advanced application.

As far as syntax is concerned, Java is similar as the C programming language but a distinct style of coding. It follows all the general programming features like loops, data types, conditions, curly braces, semi-colon etc. Its a fully featured Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language as it supports all OOP features including classes, modules, inheritance, Polymorphism etc. 

Mobile Java - Besides the above technology, Java is also used for various entertainment devices especially mobile phone. Mobile Information Devices Profile (MIDP) uses Java run time environment in cell phones, mobile tracking systems and other traditional PDA devices. Java technology enabled application is key to the games and services available in the mobile world. This also plays an important role in the field of telemedicine such as PulseMeter. As far as mobile technology is concerned, it offers offline facility, so that users can get service even if they face loss of connection. Today, all leading mobile service provider like Nokia, Siemens, Vodafone are using Java technology. Sun Java Wireless Toolkit offers complete support for developing different MIDP application. 

Java technology is enabled with healthy content ecosystem by offering a healthy development and deployment environment, protecting users and operators from down time and viruses. The increase volume of users now encouraging manufactures and developers to apply Java technology in numerous other productive and functional ways including MP3 players, digital TV, video, 3D, simplifying games, etc.