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Multi-dimensional arrays

In this section, you will learn about mult-dimensional array in java.

Multi-dimensional arrays


So far we have studied about the one-dimensional and two-dimensional arrays. To store data in more dimensions a multi-dimensional array is used. A multi-dimensional array of dimension n is a collection of items. These items are accessed via n subscript expressions. For example, in a language that supports it, the element of the two-dimensional array x is denoted by x[i,j]. 
The Java programming language does not really support multi-dimensional arrays. It does, however, supports an array of arrays. In Java, a two-dimensional array 'x' is an array of one-dimensional array. For instance :-

  int[][] x = new int[3][5];

The expression x[i] is used to select the one-dimensional array; the expression x[i][j] is ued to select the element from that array. The first element of this array will  be indexed with the "0" value and the last integer will be referenced by "length-1" indexed value. There is no array assignment operator.


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