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Java - Array in Java

Array is the most important thing in any programming language.

Array Example - Array in Java


Array: Array is the most important thing in any programming language. By definition, array is the static memory allocation. It allocates the memory for the same data type in sequence. It contains multiple values of same types. It also store the values in memory at the fixed size. Multiple types of arrays are used in any programming language such as: one - dimensional, two - dimensional or can say multi - dimensional. 

Declaration of an array:  
int num[]; or int num = new int[2];
Some times user declares an array and it's size simultaneously. You may or may not be define the size in the declaration time. such as:
int num[] = {50,20,45,82,25,63}; 

In this program we will see how to declare and implementation. This program illustrates that the array working way. This program takes the numbers present in the num[] array in unordered list and prints numbers in ascending order. In this program the sort() function of the java.util.*; package is using to sort all the numbers present in the num[] array. The Arrays.sort() automatically sorts the list of number in ascending order by default. This function held the argument which is the array name num.

Here is the code of the program:-

import java.util.*;

public class  array{
 public static void main(String[] args){
  int num[] = {50,20,45,82,25,63};
  int l = num.length;
  int i,j,t;
  System.out.print("Given number : ");
  for (i = 0;i < l;i++ ){
  System.out.print("  " + num[i]);
  System.out.print("Accending order number : ");
  for(i = 0;i < l;i++){
  System.out.print("  " + num[i]);

Output of the program:

C:\chandan>javac array.java

C:\chandan>java array
Given number : 50 20 45 82 25 63

Ascending order number : 20 25 45 50 63 82



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Posted on: June 5, 2007

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April 11, 2011

write a program to read 2dimensional array using one loop?
Ryan D. Pasaporte
April 13, 2011

Cool!...but how can we develop that program if we want another variable instead?..like you will need to input your own characters?...for example give a number : 1546234 ascending number : 1234456
April 19, 2011
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Ritchie F Gimoto
June 21, 2011
Data structure

Im so very thankful that ihave a solution of my assignment.
July 3, 2011
what is the default size of an array?

please tell me default size of an array.what is the size of an array
August 15, 2011

if(choice==2) { System.out.println("Boarding\t\tAlighting"); System.out.println("Bus Stop\t\tBus Stop\t\t Fare\t\tDuration"); System.out.println("---------\t\t---------\t\t--------\t--------"); for (int i = 0; i < counter; i++) { System.out.print(boardingArray[i]); System.out.print(" "); System.out.print("\t"); System.out.print(alightingArray[i]); System.out.print(" "); System.out.print("\t"); System.out.print("$"); System.out.print(fmt.format(busFareArray[i])); System.out.print("\t\t"); System.out.print(busDurationArray[i]/60); System.out.print(" hr "); System.out.print(busDurationArray[i]%60); System.out.println(" minutes"); } first array result not working ???
jerdz _19
August 18, 2011
cs 103

...its so easy to make a program using array,if I study well the codes of array comment........
ashwini kumar singh
August 30, 2011

java is a hiegh level language
Nitin Adlakha
June 5, 2013

Nic Program can u snt me more Program in java,....Please Sir If u have 9 Problm,... Nitin
February 4, 2013

hello , i am trying to write a program in which i want to make an integer array where user should provide elements at command prompt ( not command line , simplly). I can do this for accepting string type of values using Bufferedreader object but unable to do same for int variable's array . My problem is related to storage of many elements of runtime in single 1D array . Thanks to you in advance .
February 7, 2013
regarding directory name used in example

please avoid using names like chandan etc i.e. any name use roseindia instead, looks better....
Michael Angelo
November 24, 2011

Nice page.
Raushan kumar singh
November 26, 2011

Array is the most important thing in any programming language. By definition, array is the static memory allocation. It allocates the memory for the same data type in sequence. It contains multiple values of same types Raushan Kumar Singh..
November 30, 2011
Thank You..

Thank you sir for making this syntax...Your helping many I.T students like me..I'm new in the world of programming, Thanks again sir..keep it up.
December 5, 2011
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markjoe merca
January 11, 2012

i want to learn more in java...
aiza alegre
January 16, 2012

whats the rule of array in java programming
February 6, 2012

if() print ("hi"); else print ("Hello"); sir i want to both hi & hello are print but how!
February 23, 2012
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nice one
February 28, 2012
computer programming

thanks for this site i can the definition of arrays
March 17, 2012

excellent.. i love it..keep it up
sanjay singh kushwaha
April 22, 2012
some mistake in array declaration

Declaration of an array: int num[]; or int num = new int[2]; mistake in second line i.e array of integer type can not be hold in nonArray integer type variable
May 12, 2012
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harpreet kaur
June 5, 2012

it help me in learning java
June 6, 2012

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June 21, 2012

its should be dicussed clearly and explain properly and we need more explation da .....do properly nobody ll nt like this dnt see the example in this website please u ll fail nly...if u want to pass check someother website guys.....this website waste
July 3, 2012

example of array in 10 input
March 8, 2013
advance programming

Chetan pote
August 21, 2012

very nice but my question
September 14, 2012

where use int i in pgm and 1=num.length
Bishnu Sharma
September 23, 2012

Fabulous example to understand numeric array in java.
October 12, 2012
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PLease help me how to create a program that well give in Array in descending order.. even i gave an input a mix number
October 16, 2012
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January 15, 2014
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