Installing JDK 7 on Windows

Java beginners tutorial on Installing JDK 7 on Windows computer. You will learn how to install download, install and configure JDK on windows computer

Installing JDK 7 on Windows - Beginners tutorial for installing configuring the JDK 7 development environment on your computer

This tutorial is your first step towards learning the Java Programming Language. This beginners Java tutorial that teaches you how to make your computer ready for development of software development.  You will learn how to download, install, configure and check the JDK tool on your computer.

The JDK 7 installer comes with the JRE, so don't have to download and install the JRE separately. The JDK 7 installer will first install JDK and then ask you for the JRE installation directory. You can leave the default directory or you many change the directory for installing JRE 7. After taking the input from you the installer will install JRE also on your computer.

You can learn yourself these process through video tutorial given here. We have embedded the JDK 7 installation video in this page.

The latest version of JDK 7 is distributed by the Oracle at Here you will find the link for downloading the latest version of the JDK.

Here we have also provided you the video tutorial which will explain you the installation and configuration process of JDK.

Here are the steps for downloading, installing and configuring the JDK 7:

  • Download JDK
  • Install JDK
  • Configure JDK

Here is the video of JDK 7 installation:

Here is the detailed instruction of downloading, installing and configuring the JDK 7:

Step 1: Downloading JDK

Visit the website and click on the link "Java Platform (JDK) 7u45", Accept License Agreement and the click on the link for download JDK for windows.

downloading JDK 7

Step 2: Installing the JDK

Now you should install the JDK by double clicking on the installer and follow the steps as explained in the above video. After installs the software you have to configure the environment variables.


Step 3: Configuring the environment variables

Next thing is to configure the JDK in the environment variable. For this simply you have to add the bin directory of the Java installation into the path variable.

Open the  'Advance System Setting' as shown in the video and add the path "JAVA_HOME/bin" directory in the path.

Configure JDK 7

Step 4:

To test the Java installation go to the command prompt and type java. This will display the java version on your computer's console.

If it displays the command java not found message then you should recheck the installation directory and reconfigure the path variable.

JDK 7 Version testing on command prompt

In this tutorial you have learned how to install and configure the JDK on you windows 7 computer.

Check more tutorial for Java beginner in our Java beginners tutorial section.

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Installing JDK 7 on Windows

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