Average of Array

In this section, we will learn how to get an average of array.

Average of Array


In this section, we will learn how to get an average of array. For this, first of all we have to define a class name "ArrayAverage" that has double type array to contain some values. Now we take a double type data that calculates the average of array (result/nums.length). And finally it will display the result on the command prompt with message by using the System.out.println().


Here is the code of this program



public class ArrayAverage{
  public static void main(String[] args) {
  double nums[]={1.0,2.3,3.4,4.5,40.5};
  double result=0.0;
  int i=0;
  for(i=0; i < nums.length; i++){
  result=result + nums[i];
  System.out.println("Average is =" + result/nums.length);

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Average of Array

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January 27, 2012
Great, one note though.

If you use a integer array you need to cast nums.length to a double before you calculate it. result = sum / (double) nums.length
February 23, 2012

hi. am rommel ilagan
November 3, 2012
need help with java

create java program take n values (double) from user,store in array and use overload method to calculate average based on : 1- method take no parameter and calculate average for all values 2- method takes 2 double parameter (m,n) and calculate avg value of all numbers between range m to n 3- method takes string parameter x if x="pos" then calculate positive values,if x="fact" then calculate average values of factorial values of all positive numbers use method to print all n values and average values as output