Reseller Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting is the hosting service provided on the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. IIS server is used to serve the web pages on the windows platform. Windows platform provides the tools for developing web applications fast, due to this most o

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting in which the account owner split up their allotted web space and then resell it to some one for hosting.

Big Hosting companies provides the Reseller Hosting accounts, which can be purchased by small hosting companies or individuals to resale the hosting space. In case Reseller Hosting Big Hosting providers manages the data centers and servers. Any one can start the take the Reseller Web Hosting account start online business instantly.

In this page you will find information about Web Hosting Companies providing reseller web reseller web hosting accounts and reseller hosts

Reseller Web Hosting is a good business these days. If you take reseller web hosting account from good Hosting providers, then you can make big money. You also will be able to provide web hosting that support all scripting or application platforms to your end customers with your own brand and your own pricing. You should select a good Reseller Web hosting plan.

You should choose the Reseller Hosting Plan wisely. Your Reseller Hosting Plan should include:

  • Disk space: You should go for at least 10 GB of web space plan
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth of your Reseller Hosting Plan should at least 100 GB
  • Private Name Servers: Your Reseller Hosting Plan should be with Private Name Servers
  • Backups: Your Reseller Hosting Plan should include the backups
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee: Your Reseller Web Hosting plan should be with 99.9% uptime gurantee 
  • Unlimited Domains: Your Reseller Hosting plan should allow you to host unlimited domains
  • POP3 Accounts: Pop3 accounts should be unlimited on your sub-domains
  • Database support: Your Reseller Hosting Plan should include the MySQL Database
  • Programming Support: CGI, PHP, Perl, Python, SSI, Cron, FrontPage, ASP or JSP/Servlets should be supported by your Reseller Web Hosting account.
  • Streaming video and music: The video streaming and music streaming is plus point.
  • Web Mail: Your Reseller Hosting Plan should provide the Web Mail access facility to your clients.
  • phpMyAdmin: phpMyAdmin is very important as it helps to manage the MySQL Database
  • E-Commerce Features: Your Reseller Web Hosting account should enable you to give E-Commerce features to your client accounts. Private SSL is also a plus point.
  • Shopping Cart: Your Reseller Account should include the shopping cart like Agora shopping cart.