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VoIP Video

VoIP MSN Adds with Video Calls Microsoft launched the latest version of its MSN Messenger client, version 7.0, which boasts a long list of new features including full screen video calls, VoIP and shared search functionality. Microsoft also updated its MS

VoIP Video


  1. VoIP MSN Adds with Video Calls
    Microsoft launched the latest version of its MSN Messenger client, version 7.0, which boasts a long list of new features including full screen video calls, VoIP and shared search functionality. Microsoft also updated its MSN Spaces blogging service, which it claims is one of the fastest growing blogging communities on the planet. The new MSN Messenger 7.0 IM client's video features were first announced in early March. MSN Messenger 7.0 users will now be able to have full screen video conversations with other users as well as new enhanced synchronized audio that improves the audio quality of IM video conversations. 
  2. VoIP Video Phone Plans
    Packet8 offers two video phone plans for both residential and business customers - Freedom Unlimited VideoPhone and Packet8 Softalk ?.From homes to offices to hospitals to warehouses, wherever there's a high speed Internet connection, the Packet8 VideoPhone enables face-to-face communications with loved ones or business associates worldwide. Freedom Unlimited VideoPhone subscribers receive Unlimited video calling worldwide to another Packet8 VideoPhone and unlimited audio-calling in the U.S. and Canada for just 19.99 per month.
  3. VoIP Video Client
    With the soaraway success of Skype?s VoIP client, we?ve been waiting for other companies to try and elbow themselves a piece of the action. Hot off the blocks is the rubbishly named ineen, a new piece of P2P IM software pushing all the right industry buzzword buttons - VoIP, P2P, video conferencing, free, open standards, cross-platform - in a package that the makers are claiming is ?easy and free to use?. If you?re going to try and take on something as popular as Skype, you?ve got to attack its weaknesses. Given a lot of Skype calls and its software are free, you?re not going to compete on price. One vulnerability Skype has is that it?s not based on open standards, despite them being freely available.
  4. Microsoft window VoIP Video Beta
    Microsoft is designing an integrated VOIP and video strategy aimed at allowing a rising generation of inveterate multi-taskers to leap from their usual instant-message round robins into real-time phone conversations and video conferences. Microsoft's strategy seems to be based on the belief that using its Windows Live application services to integrate voice and video with e-mail and instant messaging will be the best way to continue growing its consumer communication services.  The company currently serves 205 million MSN instant messenger users and 26 million simultaneous messenger users, as well as 230 million Hotmail e-mail users, Blake Irving, corporate vice president of MSN Communication Services, said March 16 during his a presentation at the VON Conference here.
  5. Free VoIP Video Calling
    Text messaging, instant messaging, and VoIP are all pretty hot ways to communicate these days. So a few weeks back, Technopedia?s editor, Abhinav, asked me to review the Gaim and Trillian IM (Instant Messaging) clients. Both are pretty cool, are skinnable, and support a number of other clients including MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and several others. So it?s easy to consolidate all of your IM accounts. But I figure why use any of them when there are VoIP clients that can handle text, audio and sometimes video. One cool example is Sightspeed, a competitor to Skype and Gizmo Project. All three are both IM clients and VoIP clients. Thus, if you have a microphone and headset, you can make free VoIP audio calls to anyone running the same software. In fact, Gizmo Project allows you to also contact people on specific other VoIP soft client networks. 
  6. Skype VoIP Video
    Which is being acquired eBay for $2.6bn - is to offer video calls as part of the latest version of its internet telephony software. The beta version of Skype 2.0 is new and improved with "enhanced features that allow people to stay in touch and express themselves online. Key to that is Skype Video, which enables its 70m or so users to download software that will enable them to see the person they're calling. At Skype we want to make talking over the Internet the most natural, simple thing for people to do all over the world," said Skype chief exec Niklas Zennström.
  7. VoIP Video Conferencing
    Multimedia applications such as voice over IP telephony and video conferencing could be vulnerable to security breaches because of flaws in the way a major telephony standard is being used. Some vendors' implementations of the H.323 protocol, an International Telecommunications Union standard for communication among telephony and multimedia devices, are vulnerable to denial of service attacks and, to a lesser extent, the execution of code and system takeovers through buffer overflows, according to an advisory issued Tuesday by the United Kingdom's National Infrastructure Security Co-Ordination Centre (NISCC).


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