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VoIP Long Distance

VoIP Designing a Long-Distance Network The long-distance Voice over IP (VoIP) network solution is a set of network design and configuration strategies that provide trunk-level transport of global switched telephone traffic distributed over VoIP. Calls or

VoIP Long Distance


  1. VoIP Designing a Long-Distance Network
    The long-distance Voice over IP (VoIP) network solution is a set of network design and configuration strategies that provide trunk-level transport of global switched telephone traffic distributed over VoIP. Calls originate in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), are routed through interexchange carriers (IXCs), and are handed off to a wholesale VoIP carrier for transport. To the subscriber, the long-distaance service seems like any other inexpensive long-distance service. To the originating long-distance carrier, the wholesale carrier is only one of a number of termination options. The long-distance VoIP network solution offers service providers the required architecture design, network components, software features, functional groups, and provisioning methodologies needed to run a VoIP wholesale service. 
  2. VoIP Discount Long Distance Rates
    For over four years we have been your source of the best long distance rates available. As technology changes, we keep pace - offering you the best in unlimited long distance, VoIP and broadband phone services, high speed Internet access, local phone service and much more. It's been our motto since that day that we "opened our doors" that you work hard too for your money and you shouldn't be handing over any more than absolutely necessary to the big bill companies. Our number one goal is to help make your search for the best rates on your telecommunications needs as painless as possible. If you're not sure which service will suit you best, send us an email - we can help. We spend massive amounts of time studying the services available on this site so that you don't have to.  
  3. VoIP Distance Long solution
    The Long Distance Carrier VoIP Solution delivers the traditional voice service suite across a converged, packetized IP network, designed to enable carriers to offer long distance services, tandem services, and enterprise connectivity. This low-risk solution helps lower transport and capital costs while delivering full-featured, carrier-grade telephony, data, and multimedia services over multi-service packet networks. Converged voice and data traffic from today's public network, the Internet, and private IP intranets enables new services, revenues and sustainable cost savings through network simplification .Service providers and enterprises agree that the network of the future must offer combined voice and data communications over a single integrated platform built on packet technology.
  4. VoIP Long Distance Call Service
    Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) has become a household name in the last few months. We cannot go through a week without reading about the frantic world of VoIP. It shows up on newspaper, TV, mailboxes and even on billboards. Well, what does VoIP really mean? It means the voice of the telephone call is turned into digital signals and transmitted as digital packets over the Internet infrastructure like our email and our Web browser. Since it is an Internet network transmission, it is not subjected to the many layers of taxes that burden our phone bill. The result is avoiding long distance call charges when you have two IP phones talking to each other over the Internet. But the scenario above is only good when both the originating party and the receiving party both have the same type of compatible phone. It still prohibits the user from calling any regular phone that is populated in all parts of the world. That is why VoIP gateways are invented.
  5. VoIP Long Distance
    Babblefish provides links to the web's best VOIP and Long distance sites. These sites offer services, hepfull tips and tools to help you with all your Long Distance phone needs. VOIP has become one of the fastest growing internet services and is saving people money all over the world. a little piece of software that lets you make free calls over the Internet. We are revolutionizing the telecoms world by allowing our users to make superior quality voice calls to other Skype users for free and to landlines and mobiles worldwide for the price of a local call.
  6. The FCC tax on VoIP Long Distance
    VoIP calls that are made to distant locations, aka Long Distance, are NOT Point-To-Point connections over public-switched telephone network as PLAIN OLD TELEPHONE, POT. does, VoIP makes the jump server to server until it gets to a server near the location to be contacted. Since VoIP does not use public-switched telephone network equipment for Long Distance then VoIP customers should not be taxed on a service or the equipment to provide the sevice that they don't use. A more logical implementation of a tax to fund the subsidies That the FCC gives to telephone service in rural and low-income areas and a controversy-plagued program called E-Rate that provides discounted Internet and phone service to schools and libraries would be to have a SINGLE tax percentage on the TOTAL bill for ALL the providers POT, wireless or VoIP.
  7. Taiwan operator blames VOIP for long distance
    Taiwan's largest telecommunications company on Thursday blamed VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) for part of a dropoff in long distance revenue last year, a trend companies worldwide face as users turn to Internet services such as Skype for low cost or no cost voice calls. It's an issue network operators are grappling with around the world, and users should pay attention to the issue. Telephone networks cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build, and companies want to wring every dollar they can to pay for them and grow their businesses. Low-cost or no-cost VOIP calling is a threat to their earnings, and telecom industry complaints could prompt government regulators to step in and offer protection. If that happens, users could miss out on lower cost Internet calling.



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