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VoIP USB Phone

A Corinex VoIP USB Phone A USB phone which can be connected to Windows to provide integration with the VoIPtalk Softphone dialer. Download the Corinex softphone. Note: you will need to enter the serial number included in the USB phone packaging to be abl

VoIP USB Phone


  1. A Corinex VoIP USB Phone
    A USB phone which can be connected to Windows to provide integration with the VoIPtalk Softphone dialer. Download the Corinex softphone. Note: you will need to enter the serial number included in the USB phone packaging to be able to use this software. The Corinex LCD VoIP USB phone allows users all over the globe to make calls over the Internet to anywhere else in the world. The Corinex VoIP USB Phone consists of a handset and Softphone software that supports the SIP protocol. The handset connects to the USB port on your computer and operates like a standard telephone. Installation of the Corinex LCD VoIP USB Phone is easy, just plug the phone into a PC USB port there is no need for any drivers. The phone is also fully compatible with NetMeeting.
  2. VOIP USB Skype Phones
    VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is gaining momentum as a number of factors make it preferable over a standard landline telephone. More people have broadband internet, the call quality can rival or exceed landline service, and the pricing from the major VoIP providers is much better than what the local phone company can offer. On top of that, many people are just fed up with the way the local phone company treats them and they want a change. Skype is a VoIP service that takes it to that next level of desirability by making PC to PC VoIP calls between members anywhere in the world absolutely free as well as offering the ability to send/receive calls with standard telephones. Although Skype requires no additional hardware beyond an Internet connected PC sporting a sound card with speakers and a microphone, USB compatible Skype Phones are available to make the experience even more convenient.
  3. Skype USB VOIP Mobile and VoIP Phones
    In simple terms, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make telephone calls using your broadband Internet connection. VoIP converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the internet then converts it back at the other end so you can speak to anyone with a regular phone, a mobile phone or USB VOIP Phone. It's FREE to make PC to PC calls and PC to landline and mobile are a fraction of the cost of traditional call charges. With the improvements in Internet bandwidth and VoIP technology, Internet telephony is now comparable in quality to traditional telecom call sound quality. 
  4. VoIP RJ11 Connector with IPO-11
    The IPO-11 is a USB VoIP device that has a RJ11 connector for regular RJ11 telephones. Its regular telephone interface with DTMF decoding allows you to make internet calls using the keypad of your regular telephone. Its full duplex audio, and echo cancellation have made it the ideal VoIP device for you. Best of all, place PC to PC, and PC to phone calls over the internet saves users up to 95% off the current long distance rate, while at the same time maintain, if not exceed, the audio quality of regular phone. Once you connect your USB VoIP Series to the computer and the Internet, you will be able to make long distance calls to any phone in the world at great savings, while making global calls to any PC for the cost of your Internet access.
  5. USB VoIP Internet Phone
    You might not know it but you can give BT a two-fingered salute and make calls to your friends and family for free using your broadband or even dial-up connection. All you need is our USB Skype phone and you can start making local, national and international calls for the very reasonable price of nothing whatsoever. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, allows you to use your broadband connection as a normal phone line but instead of paying minute by minute call charges, you pay no extra. All you need to do is install the supplied software and use it to connect to other Skype users. 
  6. Dontronics USB Internet Voice Over IP Phone
    This USB phone can be used either at home, at work or at Wi-Fi hotspots on your laptop computer to talk to the world for free. It has a built-in 16-bit sound card, volume control, and requires no driver installation in Windows. Can be used on any PC with a USB port Requires Windows 98 SE or later, or MacOS 9 onwards. Audio works with free software on Skype, Firefly, etc. This light weight, trim little unit, leaves the K-1000/Corinex type bulkier designs well behind. 80 grams verses 95 grams. Why purchase a brick, when you can own a surf board? This one is small enough to be a nice Laptop Companion. FCC, CE, and C-Tick approved.
  7. VoIP Phone with UP306 USB Phone
    The UP306 USB Phone will work hand in hand with VoIPtalk. Also available for SJphone, Skype, MSN Messenger Users and other VoIP Service Providers. This USB Phone incorporates a fully functional keypad that makes calling your VoIPtalk friends easy. There are few feature are include here:-* USB connector * Stylish Silver/Black casing; includes matching docking base; Textured grip * Plug and Play Technology * Superior sound quality * No external power required * Ideal for use with Notebook PCs
  8. VoIP USB Internet Phone Solution
    The Tiger560B chip designed by TigerJet enables a complete family of USB Internet phones to be manufactured ranging from a simple entry level USB handset to a sophisticated "business style" desktop phone. Typical example of a USB Internet phone based on the Tiger560B chip. The unique design of the Tiger560B provides full access to all of the functions together with the elimination of the need for the user to install drivers. For the lowest cost entry level product the Tiger 560B can be used to enable a USB phone handset. In it's simplest implementation a USB cable can be connected to a regular phone handset with the Tiger560B on a small PCB in the handset.



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