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JSP Session Parameter rewrite

In the section you will study about the session parameter in jsp.

JSP Session Parameter rewrite


In the section you will study about the session parameter in jsp.

JSP session provides methods like getCreationtime(), getLastAccessedTime(), getId(), invalidate(), getMaxInactiveInterval(), setMaxInactiveInterval(), removeAttribute(String name) and setAttribute(String, object) which will provide the session information.

The getCreationTime() method of session object returns the session created time in milliseconds. The getLastAccessedTime() method returns the latest time of the client request in milliseconds. The getId() method returns current session identifier. The invalidate() method discards the session. The getMaxInactiveInterval() method returns the maximum amount of time the session can be inactive before it is deleted. The setMaxInactiveInterval() method is used to set the time out for each session. removeAttribute() method is used to remove the attribute and value from the session. The setAttribute() method is used to set the attribute and the value to the session. Here is an example which illustrates you how to show session parameters in jsp.

Here is the code of sessionParameter.jsp

<%@ page import="java.util.*" %>
Date lastVisit = (Date)session.getAttribute("lastVisit");
Date thisVisit = new Date();
<title>JSP Session Parameter Rewrite</title>

Last visit: <%= lastVisit %><br>
This visit: <%= thisVisit %><br>
Session ID: <%= session.getId() %><br>
Session max interval: <%= session.getMaxInactiveInterval() %><br>
<h2>Use Session parameter</h2>
Enumeration enumeration = session.getAttributeNames();
while (enumeration.hasMoreElements()) {
String visit = (String) enumeration.nextElement();

In the above example, we have passed the variable 'visit' of string type in the getAttribute() method and we are passing the parameters 'lastVisit' and 'thisVisit' with setAttribute("lastVisit",thisVisit) method. The session.setMaxInactiveInterval(600) method set the session's interval, after which session gets deleted if it remains inactive in between.

Output will be displayed as:

After refreshing the browser, the output will be:

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