Get Current Thread

A Thread is the independent path of execution in a program. Many thread runs concurrently with a program.

Get Current Thread


A Thread is the independent path of execution in a program. Many thread runs concurrently with a program. Some threads are Multithread, This thread refers to two or more thread running simultaneously within a program. The thread in java is created and controlled by the java.lang.Threadclass.

Two way to create Thread-

1)Implements Runnable interface.

2)By extending the  Threads class.

Understand with Example

In this Tutorial Example, we want to describe you a code that helps you in understanding Get Current Thread. For this we have a class" Get Current Thread" implements Runnable interface. 

1)A GetCurrentThread implements the Runnable interface, that provides you to execute the thread. An object of GetCurrentThread is Runnable object.

2)We pass the Runnable object as argument to the Thread constructor that is used to create an object of current thread.

3)The Thread object has a Runnable object that implements the run method.

4)Once the thread object is created ,start method is invoked.

5)The start( )return immediately once  a thread has been spawned.

6)Thread.currentThread().get Name());-This method Returns a reference to the currently executing thread object. 

7) The current thread ends when the run( ) method ends, This is done either by normal completion or by throwing an uncaught exception.

On execution the code display you the list of thread executing in a program.

public class GetCurrentThread implements Runnable {

  Thread th;
  public GetCurrentThread(String threadName) {
  th= new Thread(this,threadName);

  public void run() {
  System.out.println(th.getName()+" is starting.....");
  System.out.println("Current thread name : "+

  public static void main(String args[]) {
  System.out.println("Current thread name : "+
  new GetCurrentThread("1st Thread");
  new GetCurrentThread("2nd Thread");

Current thread name : main
1st Thread is starting.....
Current thread name : 1st Thread
2nd Thread is starting.....
Current thread name : 2nd Thread

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Get Current Thread

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March 23, 2012
main thread's child thread

Is it not a good practice to have child threads of the main thread to execute operations while the main thread is executing its operations? I created a child thread of the main thread and my system goes slow as if the memory available is very less. I am monitoring the value of a public Boolean variable in the run method of the child thread. thanks
rajesh kumar swain
April 3, 2012
i want the solution for it

how to out the current running thread in a java program???