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JMS Training


This class is for experienced Java developers who want to start using JMS and Message Driven Beans to build distributed applications.

This course is designed for architects and developers who already have experience in Java development.

  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • Developers

Java Message Service (JMS) is a standard Java Application Programming Interface (API) from Sun Microsystems that provides a common interface for Java programmers to invoke any messaging services such as WebLogic's JMS Service, IBM's WebSphere MQ, Progress Software's SonicMQ, etc.

Messaging clients work by sending messages to a message server, which is responsible for delivering the messages to their destination. Message delivery is asynchronous, meaning that the client can continue working without waiting for the message to be delivered. The contents of the message can be anything from a simple text string to a serialized Java object or an XML document.


General proficiency in the Java programming language


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