4 Innovative Technologies Waiting to Hit the Market

In this article, we have introduced 4 latest innovative technologies that are going to hit the market anytime soon.

4 Innovative Technologies Waiting to Hit the Market

New gadgets and new technologies continue to intrigue us with breakthrough concept and promise of creating value for our life. There is not a single day passes without a breaking news of new innovations. Many of them are potent enough to enhance our digital experience in more ways than one.

Want to give your life a digital boost? Well, consider these 4 high tech gadgets that are going to hit the market anytime soon.

1. Basslet

Many of us while listening crave for more audio bass, right? What happens if your headphones ensure such extra bass effect? You will be delighted, isn't it? Well, thanks to Basslet getting the perfect audio bass will be just a matter of choice from now on. This is basically a wrist-wearable device offering a pretty smartwatch like look and feel that can add to your music listening more pleasure than you ever thought of. Here are the key aspects to consider.

  • The haptic engine inside Basslet allows adjusting bass frequency level as per the music track and your preference.
  • There is a low-frequency (10-250Hz) subwoofer inside every Basslet.
  • As for connecting your headphones, it uses Bluetooth.
  • Haptic feedback giving your wrist subtle vibration with the bass sound, you get more listening pleasure.

2. Tomtom Touch Fitness Tracker

TomTom Touch is an innovative fitness tracker from the sports fitness brand that besides measuring the regular fitness quotients and activities can also measure the body fat. Let us see in more details about what it can do.

  • It can measure the body fat and the increase of muscle mass in precise percentage.
  • It is capable of tracking your sleep time and sleeping quality.
  • It is also equipped to track the heart rate with a built-in monitor.
  • It also works as a gross evaluation tool to keep track of your progress in fitness and activity targets.
  • Besides, it works as a regular activity tracker. It also allows tracking your distance covered during activities and calories burned.

3. Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard is an innovative cloud-connected keyboard that allows direct connectivity to the web through the cloud. It is truly a breakthrough concept as the cloud-connected keyboard has not been heard of earlier. Let us have a look at the various features of it.

  • It offers extremely low travel switches guaranteeing 100 million actions throughout the entire period of its use.
  • You can get a soft tactile feel ensuring comfortable and efficient typing.
  • The Das Keyboard Q software works in the background to run the keyboard. You can activate the software by pressing the 'Q' button located in the top-right position.
  • By activating Q software you can set up notifications to access them through the cloud in future.

4. Spector: A font finder

We all come across nice designs and eye-grabbing typeface but often fail to register it in our memory. When we try to recollect and use it again, we just cannot memorize it. What happens if a small device instantly captures the design and typeface and produces them when you need to use in your design? Well, a breakthrough font finder device called Spector can make this a reality. Let us see what it can do.

  • Take your Spector device on top of any font or design and just press the button at the top and it is captured in detail.
  • It also tells you the font name and font family when capturing.
  • Spector can easily be connected to the computer through Bluetooth to get a look at the images instantly.
  • You can also capture and save the various fonts as well as color shades within the device.
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4 Innovative Technologies Waiting to Hit the Market

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