Lytro Light Field Camera, a Breakthrough Camera with Unmatched Editing Possibilities

Here we have introduced Lytro Light Field Camera, a camera known for breakthrough 3D image mapping and post-capture focus adjusting.

Lytro Light Field Camera, a Breakthrough Camera with Unmatched Editing Possibilities

What about capturing an image and then adjusting the focus to give it perfection? Well, that is what this amazing camera is capable of. The never before light field technology in this camera will allow immense creative possibilities after capturing a photo. You can take snaps in a variety of conditions and then can adjust the focus and take different snaps from the same capture. Sounds futuristic? Well, thanks to Lytro light field camera it has become a reality now.

What makes Lytro Light Field camera so special?

This camera embodies a really never-before image capturing solution based on light field technology. In more ways than one, it also represents a total shift from the traditional way of taking snaps with a camera. Here are some elements making the camera a special one.

  • There are no standard sensors found in digital cameras. In place of these sensors in Lytro, there is a whole range of micro-lenses. These microlenses capture multiple attributes of the object including the direction of light rays, perspective, color, intensity, etc.

  • This camera functions with a new imaging technology known as light-field photography which allows shooting images without needing to focus first.

  • After pressing the shutter thanks to light field technology light rays are grabbed from all directions by this camera.  

  • When the image is captured, the camera software shows a 3D map of the image and as per the requirement of the viewer, the focus can be adjusted to it resulting in several possibilities of focus and angle.

Designed to fit and excel

The design of the camera is clean, functional and stripped of all unnecessary elements. It gives a countenance of a smooth, bi-colored metal box with only 4.4 inches of length and 1.6 inches in width.

  • Controls of Lytro camera are simple with only existing buttons for power and releasing the shutter.

  • For controlling the zoom there is only a small touch-enabled strip.

  • To adjust photographic elements like frames, exposure, views, etc. it comes with a 1.5-inch touch-enabled LCD.

  • The battery is not removable and the storage is inbuilt as well.

  • Lytro Light Field camera comes in two versions, a limited 8GB version capable of 350 captures and fully fledged 16GB version capable of 750 captures.

  • The camera gas Micro-USB port for charging and file transfer.

Taking snaps with the Lytro

Taking snaps without the constraint of adjusting the focus instantly is the biggest draw for this camera. This would allow literally unending scope of creativity with an image after the shot has been taken. While every aspect goes in its favor, we must give it a big thumbs-down for the dependence of Lytro software.

What does it cost?

Lastly, when it comes to the price, Lytro does not really seem to be targeted for high-value customers.  Though a starting price of $399 is not cheap at all and can even sound ambitious in many ears. The breakthrough concept of 'capture first, focus later' technology obviously deserves a lot more that what its price suggests.


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Lytro Light Field Camera, a Breakthrough Camera with Unmatched Editing Possibilities

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