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JSP Servlet Questions

context  what is context in general in java ?   An association between a name and an object is called a binding, and a set of such bindings is called a context 

Spring Framework Questions

What is Application Context?
What is Application Context?  Hello, What is Application Context? Thanks 

JUNIT Questions

application context file problem
application context file problem  how to configure junit application context file with struts........? it is not finding sessionfactory method 

JSP Servlet Questions

context attribute
context attribute  i have writteh the program lyk this ...still error... { res.setContentType("text/html"); PrintWriter out = res.getWriter(); out.println("context... apache tomcat and create a web application folder but it should having an appropriate 

JUNIT Questions

Application context problem code
Application context problem code   now i am posting my code here . i...( WebApplicationContext.ROOT WEB APPLICATION CONTEXT ATTRIBUTE, applicationContext... FileSystemXmlApplicationContext context = null; protected SessionFactory sessionFactory=null 

Struts Questions

Error in context path
Error in context path   I Tried a Struts2 Login application having... ... undeploy?path=/strutsDemo OK - Undeployed application at context path /strutsDemo...=/strutsDemo FAIL - Deployed application at context path /strutsDemo but context failed 


Servlet Context
getContextPath() : This method is used to find out the context path of web application...Servlet Context In this section we will read about the SevletContext... for each web application by the ServletContainer whereas, the ServletConfig 

Spring Framework Questions

What are difference between Bean Factory and Application Context ?
What are difference between Bean Factory and Application Context ?  Hi, What are difference between Bean Factory and Application Context 

Servlet Interview Questions

Servlet Context
Servlet Context  Defined Servlet Context 

JNDI Questions

Context binding
Context binding  What is meant by Context binding?   A binding context is an object that holds data that you can reference from your... context that refers to the nested view model data.   Thanks:-) public 


Context attributes in Servlet
Context attribute is used by all servlets and jsp in a context or web application... Context attributes in Servlet       In this section you will study about the use of  Context 

Struts and Hibernate Integration Tutorial

Spring Context Loader Servlet
Spring Context Loader Servlet       In this section we will learn about Spring's Context... in the web.xml file to load the Spring Context. Spring ContextLoaderServlet 


Getting Context Parameter Names
Getting Context Parameters NamesGetting Context Parameter Names In this section, you will learn how to get  the context parameters which we have given... with the servlet container. There is only one Servlet Context for the entire web 


Servlet Context
by the container when the web application is deployed and after that only the context... Servlet Context      ... application and the components of the web application can share 

WebSevices Questions

Message Context in AXIS
Message Context in AXIS  Is there any method in Axis classes to het the size of IN and OUT Message Conetext 

Framework Questions

context menu overlapped in IE8
context menu overlapped in IE8  I developed a contex menu in XHTML while opening it is overlapped in border of IE8 browser. even i have tried change the zaxis in css. I am using like below 

Java Server Faces Questions

Add context path to URL for outputLink
Add context path to URL for outputLink  How to add context path to URL for outputLink 

Spring Framework Questions

SEVERE: Context [/hospital] startup failed due to previous errors
SEVERE: Context [/hospital] startup failed due to previous errors  Hi my application is hospital i am facing this problem my build.xml file is build success but in the Tomcat Web Application Manager path showing false message 

Java Technology Tutorials

Java Thread Context
Thread Context       The Thread Context is required by the current thread from the group... for the development of the thread pools Every Thread required a context 


Use Log in Servlet Context
Use Log in Servlet Context       This section illustrates you how to use log in Servlet Context. We are providing you an example. In the given example, an object of Servlet Context is defined 

Spring Framework Questions

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/context/support/AbstractRefreshableConfigApplicationContext
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/context/support/AbstractRefreshableConfigApplicationContext  Hi, How to solve java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/context/support 

Programming Tutorials

Given a code listing, determine whether it is a legal and appropriate way to programmatically access a caller's security context.
security context. Prev Chapter 14. Security Management ... security context. The javax.ejb.EJBContext... SECURITY CONTEXT. The purpose 


Context Log Example Using Servlet
Context Log Example Using Servlet       This example illustrates about how to use of Context Log in servlet. Context Log is used to write specified message 


JNDI Context
an environment-naming context that can be accessed using the JNDI API. It also... context that contains the resource (a Java object). The java.naming.Context... environment in which each name passed as an argument to a Context method 

Java Beginners

non static variable cannot be referenced from static context
"non static variable cannot be referenced from static context". How to solve 

Java Beginners

non static variable cannot be referenced from static context

Design Patterns

Design Patterns
in a specific context.  (OR) Patterns are solutions to recurring problem in a specific context. Java Design Patterns: Java design patterns can be categories... some domain specific patterns When you are developing the application using .Net 


Java Thread
Java Thread       A java thread is an execution context or a lightweight process. It is a single... in Java through which we can increase the speed of any application. In Java 

Struts 1 Tutorials

BeanPage Tag:
item from the page context as a bean. This tag retrieve the value of the specified item from the page context for this page, and define it as a scripting... with the value of the specified page context property 


JSP Request.getContextPath( )
;       JSP Request .get Context Path ( ), the context path is the portion of the request URL that indicates the context...( ) that return the portion of the request URL and specifies the context