Rich Internet Application Development

This page discusses - Rich Internet Application Development

Rich Internet Application Development

RIA architecture provides a new Web page paradigm

Traditional Web applications displays in a series of Web pages that needs a distinct download for each page, this is called web page paradigm. On the other hand RIA takes no longer time in downloading the page because the client engine may be prefetching some of the downloaded content for future use. New measurement techniques have been formulated RIA that reflects user?s experience initiated by an HTTP GET request to permit reporting of response time. RIA developers must instrument their application code to produce the measurement data needed for SLM.

The current status of RIA development and adoption

At present RIAs are still in the early stages of development and user adoption that still have a number of restrictions and requirements remaining in it. These are:

  • Browser approval: Many RIAs need modern web browsers for running that include Advanced JavaScript engines that uses the techniques like XML HTTP Request for client-server communication and DOM Scripting and advanced CSS techniques to enable the rich user interface.
  • Web standards: Different versions create difficulties in writing RIA that cannot run in all platforms. After evaluation of Java 1.1, it becomes simpler to write in Java applets that run on all platforms.
  • Development tools: To build RIA, some essential products require including some Ajax Frameworks and products like Curl, Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silver light to provide an integrated environment.


  • Accessibility apprehension: Additional interactivity needs technical approaches that limit applications? accessibility.
  • User?s acceptance: Users expecting standard web applications may find that some unexpected browser functionality e.g. ?Back? button.