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Web 3.0 Technologies


  1. Web 3.0
    Web 3.0 is a term, which definition is not confirmed or defined so far as several experts have given several meaning, which do not match to each other, but sometimes it is referred to as a Semantic Web.
  2. History of Web 3.0
    The term ‘Web 3.0’ was first coined by John Markoff of the New York Times in 2006, while it first appeared prominently in early 2006 in a Blog article written by Jeffrey Zeldman in the “Critical of Web 2.0 and associated technologies such as Ajax”.
  3. Web 3.0 Definition
    Since the origins of the concept of Web 3.0, the debate continues goes on about exactly what the term Web 3.0 means, and what a suitable definition might be.
  4. Web Format
    The term ‘Semantic Web’ refers to "Defined" Web that is an alliance of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and others to provide a standard for defining data structures on the Web.
  5. Overview of Web 3.0
    As the times goes and the technology enriches, the experts feels to develop some thing better that can be more fruitful, advance, user friendly and intelligent.
  6. Web 3.0 Design
    In the coming ten years RSS and its related technologies will become the single most important Internet technology because of its specific quality to development of the new web as it’s really very simple. 


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Current Comments

8 comments so far (post your own) View All Comments Latest 10 Comments:

we want more information about web 3.0 technology for the perpose of giving seminars

Posted by vasu on Tuesday, 10.21.08 @ 09:06am | #81209

how to connect java and vb with MS access and oracle

Posted by manu on Monday, 08.11.08 @ 18:36pm | #72288

good articles

Posted by Rahul on Thursday, 06.26.08 @ 16:10pm | #64674

HI ,

Hello friends , i have to use customized Exception in my struts based Application ,please help me to do this.


Posted by vijay on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 10:13am | #64292

I think internet connective become major issue in web 3.0 as I see in web 2.0.. site like youtube,gmail,etc.. all need high speed connective..
and In India many people still using dial-up connection.


Posted by K.Parmar on Friday, 03.21.08 @ 09:58am | #53552

in my concern Web 3.0 is semantic web.
Till now we are using syntex based approach.in future using web3.0 we will get output semantically.
for example :In google if u search service means, it will show result bus,train,etc..
But u need only Web services.
It can be achieved through Web 3.0.


Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 11.28.07 @ 12:34pm | #40805


Core difference between web and web 3.0:

If you have browsed the web 2-3 years back and compare it with the today's websites like orkut, YouTube, you get a totally different look and feel. Now you take the internet as your daily need But with the arrival of web 3.0 it will become an indispenseble part of the day to day life. Web 3.0 is going to work on the principles on Artificial Intelligence, and will integrate the day to day life gadgets with the web. Web 3 is going to a very powerful version of web and will influence every section of society around the globe.

Thanks for visiting our site.

Posted by Vinod Kumar on Tuesday, 11.6.07 @ 16:39pm | #35962

What are the advantages of web3.0 compared to web ?

Posted by sha on Monday, 11.5.07 @ 13:07pm | #35572

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