What is PHP Hosting?

Now PHP web hosting has become quite popular among the webmasters for designing dynamic, informative and attractive websites. There are number of aspects to be considered before choosing a PHP hosting service like bandwidth, disk space, features, supported applications, price reliability and customer support.

These days PHP web hosting has become popular among the webmasters for design dynamic informative feel and look of websites. Though simultaneously with the pros there are great array of cons concerning PHP hosting it is still to enjoy considerable popularity among the webmasters as a server side scripting language. PHP hosting is now hugely popular and commercially successful web hosting service offered by many big companies and hosting services. From customer's point of view there are number of aspects to consider before choosing a PHP hosting service like bandwidth, disk space, features, supported applications, price reliability and customer support. Before letting you know the important things to consider when choosing PHP hosting service let us have a look at the technical specifications and attributes that define PHP hosting.


PHP or hypertext preprocessor is a server side scripting language that is particularly beneficial for web development purposes to shape dynamic websites and web pages and also PHP is used in general programming purposes. PHP is used mainly to generate HTML prior to sending the page to the web browser. PHP is an open source programming language and on top of that is compatible with any server software making it a very popular option for server side scripting. PHP hosting, or more precisely PHP web hosting is nothing but using the PHP server side scripting for the purpose of website hosting purposes. As the today's websites and web pages are continuing to become more demanding in respect of offering great array of design attributes incorporating multilayered information display and always insisting on smarter look, PHP as a server side dynamic and developer friendly language is becoming popular.

Pros and cons of PHP hosting

There are array of pros and cons concerning PHP hosting. Though it enjoys enormous popularity among the webmasters and server side programmers there are certain downsides for both websites and hosting services. Let us look at the areas of strength or pros and subsequently the weak areas or cons.


  1. PHP is open source language offering free and open access to all parties.
  2. PHP language is a dynamic design friendly language perfectly conforming to the rich design and dynamic attributes of websites in hosting.
  3. PHP as a language is one of the most powerful tools for the programmers and developers making them use the language for infinite variety of web applications and web services.
  4. For server end developers it is a very easy and simple language that does not require you to declare the variables before they are used.
  5. PHP scripts run on different operating systems without any functional difficulty.
  6. The wide availability of PHP with apache servers makes it an inexpensive hosting option for the webmasters.
  7. Some of the most popular websites and web applications are built and developed using PHP popularizing PHP hosting for developers. From Twitter to Facebook some of world's most accessed websites are developed on PHP and similarly many popular open source applications like Joomla, Wordpress, etc. are developed using PHP.


  1. One of the most common complaints that are heard from the web developers regarding PHP is that it is endowed with plenty of special purpose forms but really a small and insufficient number of general purpose forms.
  2. PHP as a language is constantly changing and thus making developers face difficulties in coping up with the emergent problems.
  3. It is one of the frequent complains about PHP that it lacks named parameters and in most of the cases are simulated by the developer by using other techniques of coding.