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JSON in JavaScript

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation that is a language independent text format which is fast and easy to understand.

JSON in JavaScript


JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation that  is a language independent text format which is fast and easy to understand. That means it is really very simple and easy to learn without sparing much time. In another words we can say that JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight data-interchange format that is completely language independent but with some conventions. 

So in this section of JSON tutorial we are going to discuss JSON  with JavaScript. 

Creating Object in JavaScript using JSON

We can create objects in JSON with JavaScript in many ways :

1. "var JSONObjectName ={};" will create an empty object. 

2. "var JSONObjectName= new Object();" will create a new Object.

3. "var JSONObjectName = { "name ":"amit", "age":23}; will create an Object with attribute name which contains value in String and age with numeric value.

Now by creating this object we can access attributes by only "." operator.

Here is the full example code for creating an Object in JavaScript using JSON:


 Object creation in JSON in JavaScript
<script language="javascript" >
var JSONObject = {  "name" "Amit",
  "address"  "B-123 Bangalow",
  "age"  23
   "phone"   "011-4565763",
   "MobileNo"  0981100092
document.write("<h2><font color='blue'>Name</font>::""</h2>");  
document.write("<h2><font color='blue'>Address</font>::"
document.write("<h2><font color='blue'>Age</font>::"
document.write("<h2><font color='blue'>Phone No.</font>::"
document.write("<h2><font color='blue'>Mobile No.</font>::"
<h3>Example of object creation in JSON in JavaScript</h3>


To run this JavaScript and JSON example you have to just run this ".htm" file on your browser.

Download code




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June 21, 2011

if json object can be created using .js file, whats the purpose of .json file ?
September 24, 2011

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santosh kumar
April 12, 2012

how to use in android program.
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June 16, 2012

Thanks, it is basically useful for me