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Practical uses of the GPS


GPS emerged as a great help in the field of navigation all over the world. It was first developed by US for military purposes but later it proved very useful instrument for map-making, telecommunications and also for other commercial purposes. It helps in the navigation not only on the land but in air and water too.

GPS is widely used in vehicle tracking systems that provide all the information regarding the speed of the vehicle, location of the vehicle. All these save the time and resources of the individual and help reach its destination with time and energy less spent. As the commercial vehicles are concerned it helps in better management and results in increased efficiency of the fleet.

GPS units are well used in the navigation of the rivers, seas, oceans as there is no other device to penetrate a river or an ocean with endless bottom.

One can load the maps in GPS and find out one’s own location in the map to find out how close or far one is from its destination.

Tracking unit of the GPS is very useful for the commercial companies for the management of the fleet of the vehicles. With the help of tracking system we can trace any individual or a vehicle. From the central database station we can find out the location.

This device is best utilized by the commercial trucking companies to monitor company fleet vehicle locations. This increases the efficiency, accuracy and convenience of transportation industries as well as chain supply management by optimum utilization of resources by tracking the location of the vehicle and accordingly redirecting the vehicle to the shortest route reducing cost of fuel.

Tracking can be beneficial not only for the companies but also for the personal purposes such as keeping the information of whereabouts of one’s children. One can have all the knowledge of one’s child even from a distance or on being out of station. The instrument can be attached to either to the vehicle or bag of the child.


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