Struts 2.3.8 released with new features

New of Struts 2.3.8 is released with performance improvement.

Struts 2.3.8 was released in Dec-2012 with many new features and bug fixes. This version is mostly maintenance release which overall improves the performance of the application. Struts 2.3.8 is significantly better then the prior version 2.3.7.

Struts is designed to streamline the development of web applications, which is high performance and highly scalable. This is designed to streamline the full development cycle of the web applications. This framework is highly scalable and reduces the overall development time of the application.

Struts 2.3.8 depends on the latest OGNL version 3.0.6,which is contributed by Pelladi Gabor and Johno Crawford.

Downloading and using Struts 2.3.8

You can either use maven dependency in your project or download full build file.

Maven dependency of Struts 2.3.8:


You can also download the Apache Struts 2.3.8 GA and then use in your project.

Struts 2.3.8 tutorial

Visit Struts 2.3.8 tutorial page for reading many example and articles.